1st OFFICIAL Week of 15k Training



So my first week of official training for my upcoming Tulsa Run 15k has commenced.  Saturday will be my first “long run” of 5 miles.  It has been awhile since I have run that distance with the heat and humidity, so I’m eager to see how it goes!  Last night I ran with my very own personal “running” buddy (well she rode her bike while I ran).  I will say she was an AWESOME pace setter!  She was instructed to stay near me so sometimes I had to push the pace to keep up with her but it was actually pretty consistent.  There were a couple stops in there for ~30 seconds due to crosswalk light and traffic and than her deciding to take out the curb and fall over.  Other than that there were no injuries on her part!  I came close to spraining my ankle, but was able to recover.  The hazards of running on the road where there is a “lip” from the asphalt to the actual curb.  She says she wants to go with me more on my runs so we shall see!  Between her and pushing my son in the stroller I will definitely get a good workout in!

This time around with this training plan I have been able to keep up with my P90x workouts which I think have helped tremendously!  Especially in the core with Ab Ripper X!  Ab Ripper X is A-MAY-ZING!  Not to mention to runners, strength training is probably one of the MOST beneficial ways to crosstrain!  It not only helps build strength but helps avoid injuries as well.  Strength training helps strengthen those muscles that get lots of pounding on while running.  Plus it can help improve speed and muscular power.  Who doesn’t want to run AND get faster?!?  Improved core strength for long distance runners will also help with those longer runs as it helps to keep the body upright and erect and in proper position which helps improve all those aches and discomforts you get on the long distance runs especially in your low back and neck!

I would say from my half marathon ~mid June 2013 til now (Sept 6th) I have shaved anywhere from 30-45 sec off a mile depending on the heat and humidity.  My 5k time for the Diva Dash was a PR even BEFORE having my son!  Training prior to him consisted of only cardio and running.  Just goes to show what strength training can do for you.

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