1st Week of School



So the first week of school, well two days in our case was a SUCCESS!  I walked my daughter in as always on the first day since she was at a different school this year.  (They moved her whole elementary school to a nearby middle school for the year while they remodeled her older elementary school.)   As usual parking was scarce and traffic was crazy, however the traffic come pick up time was crazy ridiculous!  They are only allowing car riders and bus riders this year. NO walkers due to the fact that there are no sidewalks for the students to walk on, nor is there close by parking for parents to park at for students to walk to.  After seeing the crazy traffic come pick up time (people couldn’t cross the intersection without blocking it for a very long time), I chose to park and WALK to her.  Even though I had to wait for probably 20 minutes til I got her, it was much faster than waiting in THIS line.


2013-08-22 15.36.54


I might add that the line was still just as crazy when I drove home with her in hand!

Day #2

She managed to find her way to her classroom without Mommy’s assistance despite all the begging and puppy dog eyes for me to walk her in.  Pick up time went a little better, but still slower than I would have liked.  I’m hoping that they will find a way to accommodate the walkers again and let students out a different door that parents are picking up AT the door vs being a car rider.  Next week will be our first FULL week being back in school and than we come to a holiday already, Labor Day!

Babysitter Without Big Sister

Taylor seemed to do well at the babysitter without having his big sister to defend him.  He is still quick to tell us good-bye and rushes off to play.  Not of course before coming back and leaning his head into me to give me a “kiss”  (aka me kissing his forehead).  I did have my first incident with biting though!  Since all the school age children are back in school, the babysitter had several new, little kids for Taylor to play with.  One being a little boy that is ~1-2 years older than Taylor.  Well Thursday night as I was getting Taylor ready for bed I noticed bright red teeth marks on his back.  No broken skin thankfully.  It didn’t seem to bother Taylor any.  I have never had this issue with Sofie or HER biting anyone when she was little so this was all new to me.  So on Friday, I asked the sitters if they had issues with any of the little kids biting and they said they hadn’t noticed any.  I showed them Taylor’s back and they were both quick to agree that that was a bite mark.  They were quick to apologize that they hadn’t caught it in action, but than thought back to the day before and they had pulled a new little boy off Taylor.  They had been playing and apparently the little boy pinned Taylor to the ground and they pulled him off Taylor who was screaming and they thought it was from being pinned down, not from being bitten.   As a parent I know this is a normal issue with little kids, however it was new to me not having to deal with it before.  I felt so sad for my sweet, little boy.  The thought of him being pinned down by another little boy breaks my heart!  Although he is okay and not hurt, it still doesn’t keep me from feeling like I want to beat that little boy’s booty!  😛  No one messes with my babies!  I know he is in WONDERFUL hands with the sitters though!  <3

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