Storms, children and life as a mom….

Well yesterday I got to enjoy my hobby, running. Now today, my husband is out doing what he loves, stormchasing. It is a very exciting, adrenaline pumping, amazing, yet scary activity. I however, am at home seated on the couch with my seven year old watching the news and weather.

A few Girl Scout meetings ago they talked about emergency preparedness which is an important aspect of living and growing up in the Kansas/Oklahoma area. However with her preparation, her anxiety has increased tremendously. Her above average reading ability and lack of geography of Oklahoma is not helping whatsoever. She is the first to tell me when the weather radio goes off, however than proceeds to talk over the message that follows the alarm so that I don’t hear it, than i am forced to go look up any additional warnings and such on the Internet and/or husband’s radar on his computer.

I have tried talking to her about remaining calm throughout this process as her panicking will not help the situation. I can’t seem to get her distracted enough off the T.V. to get her to relax. As I type this she is laying on the couch “bicycling” her legs. And let’s not mention the fact she is not letting her brother or dogs leave her sight incase we had to make a run for the closet.

As if all that wasn’t enough, lets not even talk about the fact I can’t hear the T.V. over the 13 month old jibber jabber, toys playing music, and squeals of laughter.

I’m not sure how my mom or others survived the weather before the Internet…….

Warrior Dash

This was my first year ever running Warrior Dash. I must say….it was awesome!!! Horribly humid out but otherwise, nice weather. I ran it with my two favorite running buddies, my sister in law, Alisha and her boyfriend, Christian. Some of those obstacles were definitely a challenge! More specifically the ones that required significant upper body strength. Thank you to Christian and the other fellow runners who were kindly helping others, and myself climb out of ~5-6 foot deep water!! We definitely were a muddy mess afterwards!

Warrior Dash will definitely have to be a yearly ritual for us! Now to get my other sister in law, Emily and my husband to join in next year!

Now to find my next race to sign up for….

So this has been my first complete week of Insanity as well. At first it just felt like a chore, but the last time I had started it, I didn’t really commit to it fully as I was training for the Oklahoma City Memorial half marathon. However now that that is over my plan is to stick with Insanity now and run every other day. My goal after Insanity is finished and seeing how weak my upper body’s as today at Warrior Dash is to try P90X. I will have a slight hiccup in that schedule as we leave for Disney World next week. I plan on still trying to run every other day while there and there will be lots of walking for sure.