New Balance Minimus Ionix 3090v2

2013-07-24 15.19.23


So I have had my new kicks for a week now and absolutely LOVE them!  They are nice and light and fit perfectly.  I do have recurrent bouts of Plantar fasciitis so I did put my orthotics inside them to help with that as they are pretty flat and have little arch supports.  I do love the fact that they only weight 6.8 ounces and feel light and airy.  I have roughly 10 miles on them since last week and have had no issues with them as of yet.  These were definitely different from what I normally go with.  Usually I’m the one to pick out the shoes with the highly cushioned heels to lessen some of the impact from my heavy heelstrike.  However I have noticed since going through a more formal training group with my half marathon training earlier this year, I learned a lot more about stride, mid-foot strike and what which has helped me change my running stride tremendously, adding in the orthotics helped that as well!  I will definitely be buying these again!  Plus I must say I absolutely LOVE the color!  <3

Weekly Chase #2

So after my first weekly chase, I have done fairly decent in my opinion.

Last weeks goals:

1)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts…meaning, yes….even Yoga!!  This includes doing all my Ab ripper X too!  – I missed the Yoga and my favorite Kenpo.  I DID however get all of my Ab Ripper X in there though!  

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs. – I logged 3 runs.  Weather was up and down all last week. Lots of storms!

3)  Be a positive role model for everyone in my 7 Day JumpStart Challenge group.  – I would like to think I was.  I am a firm believer in leading by example, so unless I did something I was unaware of I will say this one was done! 🙂

4)  Take at least 3 walks with my family. – COMPLETED!!!

5)  Ensure that my friend Jennifer has a successful Thirty One party hosted by ME!  (AHHH!!!!)  – Well I had people show up and got several orders.  My “toy store” was contained with my kids, so I will say this one was a success too!


Now on to THIS weeks goals!:

1)  Again, complete ALL of my P90x workouts.

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs.

3)  Take at LEAST 3 walks with my family.  In hopes of getting my husband going again on this one!

4)  Start a 30 plank challenge today.

Catching up…

2013-07-28 12.27.34 2013-07-28 12.27.49


So we had a wonderful weekend!  My best friend came to town to visit and we got to enjoy a nice “girl’s only” evening, no husband OR kids!  WOW!!  I think the last time that happened was……umm…..I don’t even remember!  It was before I had kids that’s for sure!  I had a wonderful Thirty-One party with my friend Jennifer (you should check out her webpage.  REALLY CUTE STUFF!!)  that I hosted at my house.  That’s impressive for me!  I got my house clean and the kids kept it clean until after the party!   WOW!  My “toy store” was controlled for a few hours as I call it!  After the party was when we got to have our “girl’s night.”  We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant Los Cabos and than celebrated a belated “national tequila day” (which from what I learned this week was on Wednesday, July 24th).  Other than that, we really didn’t do a whole lot.  Sat around, watched movies, talked, the usual stuff.  Today we had to say our farewells and she had to go back home sadly enough.  However that wasn’t the end to our day.  We got to see some more friends!  When Sofie was little she went to a wonderful babysitter when we lived in Texas and even though we have moved up here to Oklahoma, we still try to keep in contact.  So we were surprised with a visit from the former babysitter’s daughter and grandson whom Sofie adored when she was little.  It’s funny though today, she was all bashful and wanted to have nothing to do with poor Jeremy other than to pick on him of course.  I’m convinced she should have had an older brother with the way she is always picking on male friends/cousins.  She gets tossed around and picked on just as well, but she LOVES it!  Than to end our day, we spent the evening cleaning up the backyard from all the tree branches and twigs that were scattered around from the storms this past week.  The poor trashmen!  This will be their 2nd trip to our house for tree limbs/branches.


What to do??



So I’m sitting here at my desk, it’s almost 9 a.m. and my house is…dare I say it…..Q.U.I.E.T!  Both of my kids are STILL sleeping, my husband has gone to work and I’m without a babysitter until further notice and the electricity comes back on for them due to last night’s crazy storms.  What do I do with myself?!?!  I have enjoyed my cup of coffee.  Got the rest of my work done for the day that I didn’t get finished last night, oh what shall I do?!?!    I think I’m going to brain storm for my business.  I rarely have time to do this without my thoughts getting interrupted.   I can actually write them down AND remember them at a later date!  Incredible!!!  Usually all of my brain storming happens in my car, while I’m driving and don’t have a chance to write it down obviously for safety reasons.


Who is up to some brainstorming with me?!?!  Anyone???

Weekly Chase #1

So this is my newest endeavor on my part that I picked up from one of my frequented blogs ( – Thank you Mindy! )  As you all are well aware of my love for running and fitness, this pertains to all of those categories.  Something to also keep me accountable to my goals so that I see some progress and goals being met.

So my goals this week are:

1)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts…meaning, yes….even Yoga!!  This includes doing all my Ab ripper X too!  

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs.

3)  Be a positive role model for everyone in my 7 Day JumpStart Challenge group.

4)  Take at least 3 walks with my family.

5)  Ensure that my friend Jennifer has a successful Thirty One party hosted by ME!  (AHHH!!!!)


Will keep it simple this first week.  🙂

Back to routine

So the last few days I have had my parents here visiting from Kansas. It was so nice and relaxing. I love sitting and talking to my mom about absolutely nothing in particular. I think the kids enjoyed seeing them as well. Well except for Mr. Taylor, I think he did, he just played bashful every morning with Nana and Papa. It was quite funny. Both of my kids got hair cuts, even “Tater Tot!” His 3rd hair cut already and he is only 15 months old. I had Nana cut his hair shorter than last time since it has been so hot out. He has lost his curls!!

2013-07-20 17.53.00


My little, curly headed little boy all of a sudden looks all grown up!  What happened?!?!  We will have to let it grow back out some.  I love his curls!  I’m sure he is much cooler though!

2013-06-02 10.38.22  (before)

So now that my house guests are gone (and safely made it back home), I have been cleaning, doing laundry and grocery shopping all day.  You know the usual mommy/housewife duties.  Tater Tot was also being a handful today.  I’m not quite sure what got into him, if he was feeling spunky with his new ‘do or what, but he was ALL over the place and making noise, and being destructive!  Oh my goodness!  He went to bed about 45 minutes early because he got to the point where he was laying on the ground crying and kicking one foot when he couldn’t stay outside any longer.  I was drenched in sweat from a run and he wanted to stay outside and play in the 90+ degree heat and high humidity.  No thanks!  Daddy and Sissy did take him on a walk and ride the little 4 wheeler with him though.  My daughter was even so kind to surprise me tonight by not only emptying the dishwasher as asked, but LOADING it up too!  (WITHOUT being asked I might add!!)  I had to close my eyes and walk into the kitchen so she could surprise me.  I think she picked up on Mommy getting frustrated with Tater Tot banging on every little thing imaginable with wooden eggs and clothes hangers!  I would definitely say my 3 mile run tonight was MUCH needed despite the high heat/humidity.  After Tater Tot got put down to bed for the night, the 3 of us went and enjoyed a nice swim.  Well my husband and daughter did, I got in, found it colder than yesterday from having gotten a lot of rain so sat out and watched them play “King Kong.”  Quite entertaining I must say!

Alright off to go finish the last of the laundry and get our bed all freshly made!

New Kicks

So I’m super excited! I ordered a new pair of running shoes last night and am eagerly awaiting for them to come in. I bought the New Balance Minimus Ionix 3090v2 in pink of course! I LOVE pink! I tried them on at Academy than of course had to go home and think on it. This will be my first pair of “minimal” shoes. Will definitely have to transition into them and I of course will still be wearing them with my arch support inserts. Plantar fasciitis is NO fun! I still get the occasional flare up, but nothing that adding my arch supports into my shoes won’t fix! Will let you know how the new kicks wear once I get them.

Speaking of running, I have signed up for the first Diva Dash 5k in Tulsa this year with my running buddy, my sister in law. This will be my first 5k since Warrior Dash back in May. I can’t wait! I think I will skip September race wise and do two in October. Still toying with the idea of the Tulsa Run 15k. However if I do this I need to get on the ball and get a training plan set up since my longest run lately has been 5 miles. Will need to work on adding ~4.3 miles to that. Shouldn’t be too bad than. What do you guys think?



Skinny jeans

Or skinny shorts rather in this case.

We all have those “skinny” pants that we always keep a hold of “just incase” we ever return back to that previous size. They set in the back of your closet for years, collecting dust, yet you never get rid of them, and yet you never do anything to get back into them.

I can now say as of today, a pair of shorts that I haven’t fit into in 4 years fit once again! As I was getting ready for work, I came across these shorts. Saw them, pushed them aside, found the pants I was looking for and got dressed. I contemplated to myself trying these on in a few weeks to see if they would fit. Didn’t think they would just yet as its only been 3 weeks since I had started my new exercise routine. I started to walk out of our bedroom door, when I turned around, and went back to the dresser. I was going to try those shorts on real quick. Undressed and slipped them on fully expecting to have to shimmy my way into them as any woman fully knows what I’m talking back. They slid on easy enough. Good sign. Now for the fastening of the button. TA DA! They fastened!! COMFORTABLY TOO! No sucking it in, no laying down on the bed and letting gravity assist. No muffin top. No sitting down and button feels like it’s going to pop off. Nothing! They felt comfortable and I felt A-MAY-ZING! All my hard work was paying off!

Yes I’ve been seeing the scale numbers go down. I knew my pants were starting to get loose, but yet you have your doubts. You hesitate to try them on, because you don’t want to be disappointed.

Maybe it’s time to do something about those skinny jeans if you haven’t started already. What does it take to fit into those skinny pants once again you might ask? Hard work, determination, motivation, and being consistent. I did it, so can you!

Sometimes we all just Needa little extra motivation to get started. Shoot me a message and I will help! Join me and others hold each other accountable.


First 5 day Challenge

So my first 5 day challenge commenced yesterday with a group of 24 ladies that were eager to get started down a road to a healthier lifestyle and of course the overall goal to lose weight!   Their overall eagerness and excitement was by far the best thing about my day yesterday.  You couldn’t help but feel the motivation from them!   Watch out it may be contagious!  However, I don’t think that would be a horrible thing to “catch.”  Who doesn’t need a little bit (or a lot of some days) of motivation!


With that being said these ladies managed to keep me up late with all their motivation and inspiration.  In just one short day they have gotten to know each other and become a source of inspiration to one another as well.  I find that absolutely amazing that that happens amongst groups of women!  You surely won’t find that in one day with men, at least not men that are just thrown together!  🙂

I decided to keep it simple for the first challenge.  For five days they have been given some guidelines to help them start down the road to a healthier lifestyle.  They are 20% of the way through and are doing stellar!  I can’t wait to see how things look at the end of these five days!  I love my job!!!

Here is to 4 more successful days for these ladies and I hope you all can wish them the best of luck!

Grilled Chicken Penne al Fresco


4 garlic cloves, peeled

2 Cups grape or cherry tomatoes

3 cups of uncooked penne pasta

3 cups of chicken broth

3/4 cup of dry white wine such as chardonnay

1/2 tsp each of salt and coarsely ground black pepper

1 1/4 Cups light packed fresh basil leaves, divided

1 oz parmesan cheese, grated

2 cups of diced, grilled chicken breasts


1)  Spray ceramic dish (I have the one from Pampered Chef) with olive oil.  Slice garlic into baker.  Add tomatoes.  Cover:  microwave on HIGH 4-5 minutes or until tomatoes begin to burst, stirring after 2 minutes.  Crust tomatoes.  Add pasta, broth, wine, salt and black pepper.

2)  Return ceramic dish to microwave; cover and microwave on HIGH 16-18 minutes or until pasta is tender, stiffing after 10 minutes.  Meanwhile, coarsely shop basil.  (I cheat here and just used the kind from the spice section.)

3)  Carefully remove ceramic dish from microwave and remove lid,  lifting away from you.  Add basil, cheese and chicken to baker; mix well.  Garnish with basil and additional parmesan cheese and black pepper, if desired.


You can substitute the cooking wine for equal amounts of chicken broth, if desired.

Chicken- I usually throw 2 chicken breast in the crockpot in the morning and let them cook all day til it’s time to make dinner.


2013-07-08 18.29.40