A Smorgasbord of Thoughts!

Oh boy…it has been a tiring Monday that’s for sure.  Not a whole lot happening, just allergies coming alive again, work, exercise and now a 8-year-old with an attitude.  Draining is the best word to describe it.

So my Monday started out kind of lax.  My first patient wasn’t until 11 a.m, so I got the kids to the babysitter and school and got to enjoy a nice run at the gym with my sweet husband.  He struggled as it had been a week since he had time to run and myself, well it was better but still frustrating.  My cough and allergies seemed to be getting better until Saturday came.  Then I noticed the dreaded tell-tale sign for me….sinus drainage.  BIG TIME sinus drainage.  What gives?  I had a steroid shot a little over a week ago and am still on my antibiotics.  I am STILL taking my daily OTC allergy meds, my prescription allergy medication AND my nasal spray.  After all this, why are my allergies still kicking my ass?!?!  ARGH!

So this morning while waiting for my husband to arrive at the gym, I broke down and called an allergy clinic and made an appointment.  I go next Tuesday.  They are evening doing allergy testing the same day!  I simply can’t wait to get these under control.  The downside is I can’t take my oral allergy medications for the 5 days leading up to the doctor appointment.

The whole day has been kind of gloomy here in NE Oklahoma, making it rather difficult for me to wake up (even more so with all the allergy meds in my system).  Even my patients today were tired and fatigued.  Just one of those days I guess!  Work was fairly busy today considering that the rest of the week is looking slow.

And finally is the 8 year old going on 16 attitude.  She has her moments.  Lately it had been better, but tonight she just said some things that was NOT right and pissed me off.   She was wanting to play my iPad (she recently got a new app that a couple of her friends play) and she was asked to pick up the living room as it looked like a toy store blew up in there again and she was grumbling some stuff to herself while smiling at my husband.  I know she did not mean what she said, but just the fact that she had the nerve to say it.  Let’s just say she spent the rest of her evening on the couch watching baseball with the family and NOT playing the iPad like she wanted and is grounded for the rest of the week.  This comes after spending the majority of her weekend at her friend’s house getting out of her chores.  I know I know, it’s only going to get worse when she gets older and the hormones hit, but some days I feel like they are already setting in.


Today also marks the start of a 10 day clean eating and exercise group.  I think this marks the LARGEST group we have had to date.  So many people referring friends and family and wanting their support so it was hard to say no and just made it one big happy group.  In this group they are given a menu and daily exercise to follow.  I love these groups!  I love getting people started in a healthy way of life and watching them transform themselves and often their families way of life!  A BEAUTIFUL thing!


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