AHHH!!!! What have I done?

The title pretty much says it all!  What does that mean?  That I have to KICK MY ASS in gear and get busy!  So I signed up for my 2nd half marathon today!  The Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon Series in Dallas, Texas!  Here I come Big D!   March 23, 2014!  Mark your calendar!  I’m coming for you!  This will be state #2 in my sister-in-law’s bright idea to run a half in every state!  I am just following along for moral support!  HA!  I think this should earn me extra brownie points for being the “BEST SISTER-IN-LAW” 😛  I will leave out the minute detail that I am the only sister-in-law at this point.  Tee hee! No comments Alisha!  No bursting my bubble here!

So yes the last few weeks have been rough with activities going on, the wintry weather we got and cranky toddlers.  In the last 11 days, I have exercised six times!  BOO on me!  Starting today I am back on track!  This morning marked the lowest for me on the scale 148.0!  Three more pounds to go then I am at goal, BUT that doesn’t mean it stops there!  NOOOOO WAY!!!  Getting ready to go see some patients now then when I get back I will get my run in plus my P90x and then I will get my schedule re-worked.

On top of the RNR half, I need to sign up by Jan 2nd for the Oklahoma City Memorial half marathon.  This will be the true test for me.  I only ran ONE half marathon this year.  So OKC will mark my 3rd half and it’s a little over a month after the RNR half.  I know many people who do this so I know it’s TOTALLY attainable!  I look forward to the training after the holidays so I can get some runs in with my dear, friend Jennifer!  Her and her family are heading back home for the holidays which I know they will enjoy and have a blast seeing family and friends, but I’m going to miss them!  Have a safe trip you guys!! <3

DFW half



QOTD:  So I always thought my neighbor was funny with this concept, but she is one that has to pay for things to get herself motivated.  (ie.  paying for running clubs, Weight Watchers, Shakeology, etc)  I always thought this was a funny concept, but you know what?  It works!  Once you put money on the line, you feel COMMITTED!!! *gasp*  Isn’t it funny, how that works?  Have you ever realized that?

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