Apera Bag Review and Giveaway!!

So are you in the market for a new gym bag or a tote for “racations” or overnight trips?  Then I have the bag for you!  This bag is AWESOME!  I was recently contacted by one of Apera’s wonderful spokespersons about checking out their bags and seeing what I thought.  Stacy sent me the Performance duffel in pink (as I requested of course!  You know I LOVE pink!).  I had mentioned to her about being an avid runner and frequently traveling overnight to a location for a race.  I had looked at this one before Stacy even mentioned it, but I wanted her opinion as well.  Her and I were on the same page!  I love when you get a great salesperson that knows just what you need, don’t you?

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Well let me tell you, this bag has everything!  I don’t know about you, but when I workout, I sweat, and when I say sweat, I SWEAT!  I make dri-fit clothing really work!  So I want a bag that isn’t going to hold the odor of my stinky gym clothes and/or shoes.  I want something that is antimicrobial and Apera bags are made of just that!  From Apera’s website:  “Apera bags are designed to be healthier – with built-in antimicrobial product protection to inhibit the growth of bacterial odors, separation of your wet, sweaty gear from your dry stuff, and venting air to keep your bag dry and suppress odor.”  What does that say to me?  PICK ME!

Another thing that I loved about the Performance Duffel is that there are TONS of pockets.  When I pack my race gear, most of the time my bag is half full after I put my running shoes in there. The Performance Duffel has these wonderful side pockets (one on each side) that are the perfect size to store your shoes!  How awesome is that?  According to their website it says the side pockets will hold up to a men’s size 11 1/2 shoe.  Now granted I have some big feet, but they aren’t quite THAT big, but I will take it!

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Plus it has this awesome, heavily padded strap that is adjustable and super comfy to carry, even when I stayed at my friend’s apartment and had to park a ways from her apartment and had to carry my stuff in.

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The other great thing about the Performance Duffel is there is even a smaller bag inside that you can put wet items in so that it protects the rest of your articles from it.  There are lots of little pouches on the outside as well to store things.  I managed to pack all of my race gear (shoes, socks, running tights, sports bra, tank, jacket, bandana/hat, fuel/hydration belt, water bottle, fuel), plus a change of clothes for after the race, some pajamas, toiletry items and all of my allergy medications!  Allergy meds in itself for me require another bag almost!  Ok, just kidding, but it sure feels like it.  I had also stuffed in my iPad for the car ride home for my daughter and my iPhone charger.  Even with all that there was STILL room to spare!

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Another great thing about Apera Bags is for every three bags that they sell, they will donate one bag to a Special Olympic athlete.  How cool is that?!?  Such a great cause!  I don’t know about you, but I also LOVE a GOOD DEAL!  Speaking of good deals Apera is having an AMAZING deal going on right now!  They are offering 40% off their entire BLUE LINE of bags, meaning any of their bags that are blue in color are 40% off. Also ALL of their Duffel Packs are 40% off as well, any color!  STEAL!

Apera also does a monthly giveaway!  The winner gets to choose the bag and color of their choice!  Definitely enter THIS monthly drawing!

Some other ways to check out Apera bags:



So would you like to win an awesome bag from Apera?  Well I was offered the chance to do a giveaway on my blog for one of their Sprint Packs!  Sweet!  Keep scrolling to go to my Rafflecoptor to get signed up to enter my giveaway contest.


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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Apera  and while I received a free bag to review, I received no other compensation for this post and my review is 100% my own, honest opinion.

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