Color Me Rad 5k Race Recap and 21 Day Fix Update

2014-03-29 13.47.49


So on Saturday, March 29th, I ran in my 3rd “color” type run, this one being the Color Me Rad 5k.  These are always fun running with my daughter as they are not timed.  This was however my first 5k running with my son in his jogger.  I have done many runs pushing the jogger but never any actual races.  I wasn’t quite sure I felt up for the challenge, however I had forgotten about the race and it being a week for our usual Bountiful Basket, so I had went ahead and ordered the basket which has a pick up time of 9:30 A.M.  Race time was 10:10 A.M.  Whoops!  Luckily my wonderful husband said he would go pick up the basket so I offered to take the kids with me, so he wasn’t standing in line waiting for a basket while chasing a toddler around.  HA!

So we met my friend Jennifer and her friend Stacey and followed one another there since parking with the Color Run last year was kind of chaotic.  Parking for this even wasn’t quite as bad.  We got there with about 30-40 minutes to spare so we got in my usual port-o-potty run before race and got some pictures.

2014-03-29 09.38.52


As you can tell my littlest of minions wasn’t quite so photogenic this early, but he warmed up.  I’m sure he was thinking all these people were crazy wearing tutus and what not.   Of course, big Sis had to get the traditional bunny ears picture in.

2014-03-29 09.48.48


2014-03-29 09.51.48


I love this picture!  I went to take it and at first he protested but then he started giggling and pushed his cheek into mine.  Awww!  I love this little booger!

2014-03-29 09.58.01


During the race, I didn’t really want to push myself too much, plus it had been awhile since Sofie had run, so we just kept it nice and slow.  Not to mention since my allergies were still bothering me and I was still coughing, I just took it easy.  I avoided all the color stations I could, however there were two that I had to go through, the first and the last one.  The first one I just ran down the center of it and no one bothered to get Taylor and I, however the last one, I’m sure they saw an unscathed individual so they said “HEY!  Let’s get her!”  The got both Taylor and I and he was just a giggling.  I wasn’t quite sure how he would do with it.  Throughout the race, everyone kept cheering “go baby!”  “Run, baby, run!”  “Hey the baby is beating us!”  One little girl in a stroller saw me run past her mom with Taylor in his jogger and she started telling her mommy to run.  Her mom just laughed and said “no way!”  All in all it was a good race, PLUS it was Jennifer’s friend Stacey’s FIRST 5k!  She did awesome!  I can’t wait to see her progress.  Actually that night, she signed up for another 5k!   GO STACEY!  One thing I was surprised with was the fact that they handed out color to BOTH of my kids!  In the paperwork, it stated that only the paying individuals got a color packet.  Both of my kids were in heaven!

2014-03-29 10.58.14


Taylor inspecting his packet, trying to figure out what this yellow stuff was for.

2014-03-29 10.58.26


The “after party,”  Sofie powdering Jennifer and Stacey up. <3

2014-03-29 11.05.01


Taylor enjoying his cold bottle of water after all his hard work!  HA!  He was starting to clap at people as they ran by.  It’s rough being cute!


2014-03-29 11.05.24


Sofie attempting to powder us as I took a photo.  Didn’t quite work Chickadee <3


2014-03-29 11.08.01

Taylor starting to poop out!  Way too much fun!  Oh by the way, this was my first race wearing my new Under Armor Marbella sunglasses.  These are designed specifically for women.  These things are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I normally don’t like this style of shade, but these are so comfortable and actually fit my head perfectly!  Way to go Under Armor!

2014-03-29 11.08.19


And of course my last two pictures of this super, über, little guy enjoying his own little “powder party” while Sis was enjoying the big party with Jennifer and Stacey!


2014-03-29 11.12.21


Who needs others to have a party when you are having fun?!

2014-03-29 11.12.37


So after all the fun was to be had and I got us home, cleaned up and Mr. Taylor into bed, I went to the urgent care, while my husband watched the kids, to get looked at since I still kept coughing and my side was starting to hurt from coughing so much.  Other than the usual Allergic Rhinitis, I had bronchitis.  Yay…..this was not surprising to me as this is what I figured.  I got my usual steroid shot in the fanny to calm my allergies down and then some antibiotics and cough syrup.  By Monday I was starting to feel better enough to get back into the swing of things with my second round of the 21 Day Fix.  My husband was ready to get back into the swing of things eating better as well.  It’s always easier when I have my other half on board that’s for sure!  Yesterday went far better since I could actually taste things once again.  I did however attempt to go for a run and struggled way too much, so I decided to hold off on the running a little longer until the coughing subsides some.  I did manage to get in my 21 Day Fix workouts yesterday AND today though so I’m happy with that.



QOTD:  Have you ever done a “color” type run?

6 thoughts on “Color Me Rad 5k Race Recap and 21 Day Fix Update

  1. Sounds like you all had a blast at the Color Me Bad run!
    My first color type run was the Dye Hard Fan Dash here in Tulsa in November, it was a small but fun race. They are doing another one in August I think. It’s pretty cool because it’s a locally owned and operated race!

    • They are a lot of fun Heather! Definitely when you do one, take a handkerchief or something to cover mouth/nose with and eye wear when you go through the color zones.

    • My daughter LOVES them Jenna. She has that “physique” to be a runner and she don’t even know it! Tall, thin and long legs! lol

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