Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Why is it some of the simplest of decisions are the hardest? Nothing serious or life changing…well not life changing for anyone else but myself that is. I’ve spent my last week trying to decide if I want to commit my time to more training or not for October. Granted it should pale in comparison to my half marathon training at the beginning of the year since it is only a 15k. ( who would have thought I would be saying “only a 15k!?!?) but 9.3 miles vs 13.1 miles. It’s under double digits easy as pie’ right!?! Alas, more time spent pounding the pavement, which I do enjoy, but more structured time I should say and in the heat at that, early morning or late at night, well late evening, where I’m having to watch out for snakes along the roadway! EEK!

Although when it’s time for the actual race, it SHOULD be cooler at least! *crosses fingers*. Plus it will probably be one of the last races for the year too, other than the Diva Dash in August.

Decisions, decisions, decisions….

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