Diva Dash Tulsa

2013-08-10 08.30.02


So Saturday was the first inaugural Diva Dash 5k here in Tulsa.  It was AWESOME!  My goal was to run it in 30 minutes as it has been so hot and humid here, it’s been hard to judge pace and it has varied during training so much.   Well I am happy to announce I crushed my goal!  Official chip time was 28:59!  I was so happy to see that!

The start was slow as everyone was getting out of the shoot like normal.  I get so frustrated with people when they walk 3+ abreast and take up the whole street.  Races are just like driving, slow moving traffic to the right.  However once got passed the first half mile everyone started to spread out.  The weather was gorgeous for running, cloudy and overcast but no sign of actual rain, with an awesome temp of 73 degrees AND a cool breeze!  My sister in law and I were actually kind of cool just standing around waiting for it to all start.  I think somehow my iPhone was also determined to keep me moving because for whatever reason I kept getting all my fast tempo songs and my pace just kept getting faster and faster.  I kept paying attention to my breathing and how I felt, and I was feeling wonderful so I just get going with it.  I even managed to sprint at the end so I’m sure I could have picked up the pace even more, but I’m proud of what I did.  Can’t wait for the next race!



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