Encourage and Empower



So recently I made a post asking people “In 2014, I will _______.”  I loved reading all the answers I got!  Although I saw one answer that really made me think about how I would answer that.


Simple and easy.  Yes….we all want to thrive!  Thrive – to prosper; be fortunate or successful.  To grow or develop vigorously; flourish.  The word thrive can be used in SO many different ways.  We want to our health to thrive, we want our family and children to thrive, and we want our jobs and success to thrive.  What better word to use then “thrive!”

However I don’t want to only thrive this year.  I want to EMPOWER!  Empower – to give power or authority to.  To enable or permit.  Not just myself, but as many people as I can!  I find it rewarding to help empower others and help them see just what they are capable of.  Empower!  To empower others to take control of their situations and circumstances.   To empower myself, to help take control of my family’s financial freedom.  To set us ahead of where we have been in the past.  I think thrive and empower should go hand in hand, don’t you?


What would it take for you to feel empowered?  If you felt empowered, wouldn’t you thrive?  I think we all should take these words and keep them in the back of our minds.  Let them be our goals.


How would you like to see yourself thrive in 2014?

How would you like to be empowered in 2014?

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