Exercising, motherhood and planning

How many of you mommas out there struggle to fit your exercise into your daily routine? I know I do! I’m always struggling to fit it in at various times during my work days. I love getting it out of the way in the morning after I get the kids to the babysitter and school before my first patient, however sometimes that doesn’t always happen. That is the perfect day when it all falls into place like that. Those days are few and far between. On the “off days” that things don’t fall into place, I usually fit in my exercise as soon as I can get home and get situated as my son tends to take a nap as soon as he gets home from the sitter. I’m the type if I sit down before getting stuff accomplished my eyes get heavy and than those “to do” items don’t get done.

So with that being said I have been working on my exercise schedule this morning. I signed up for the Tulsa Run 15k and figured I better get a structured running program incorporated into my P90x and upcoming Les Mills Combat schedule. Little under 2 months to get ready.




This one will be a mental challenge for me as this will be my first distance over a 5k without my running buddy. I will definitely have to make sure my tunes are good to go that day!

So it’s a new month and I absolutely love the feel of new months! It gives the feel of a “new start.” It’s like the “I start my diet on Monday” feel times 10! However I DON’T dread it! I love it! It’s my tie to look back on the last 30 days to look at my progress that was made and re-evaluate my plan if need be. Much like this morning!

Do you make a schedule or have a planner that you use? 🙂

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