First 5 day Challenge

So my first 5 day challenge commenced yesterday with a group of 24 ladies that were eager to get started down a road to a healthier lifestyle and of course the overall goal to lose weight!   Their overall eagerness and excitement was by far the best thing about my day yesterday.  You couldn’t help but feel the motivation from them!   Watch out it may be contagious!  However, I don’t think that would be a horrible thing to “catch.”  Who doesn’t need a little bit (or a lot of some days) of motivation!


With that being said these ladies managed to keep me up late with all their motivation and inspiration.  In just one short day they have gotten to know each other and become a source of inspiration to one another as well.  I find that absolutely amazing that that happens amongst groups of women!  You surely won’t find that in one day with men, at least not men that are just thrown together!  🙂

I decided to keep it simple for the first challenge.  For five days they have been given some guidelines to help them start down the road to a healthier lifestyle.  They are 20% of the way through and are doing stellar!  I can’t wait to see how things look at the end of these five days!  I love my job!!!

Here is to 4 more successful days for these ladies and I hope you all can wish them the best of luck!

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