Gift Ideas for Every Runner

So what do you get someone who likes to run?  If they are anything like me, they love any and all running gadgets/apparel/clothing.  But there is so much to choose from, what do you choose?  My husband made me think of this when he is asking me what I want for Christmas.  So here it is, these are a few of my favorite things…(not in any particular order)

1) Clothing

So far in what I have found for clothing that I like have been relatively inexpensive.  My favorite brand is actually Academy Sports BCG.  I love their running compression capris, shirts, and winter tights.


BCG Women’s Cross-Training Cold Weather Leggings

Price ~$20



Long Sleeve Shirt

BCG Women’s Cold Weather Mock Neck Long Sleeve T-shirt

Price ~$20

Mock neck


BCG Women’s Cropped Legging

Price <$20



Running Skirt (I personally like the “golf skirt” for the extra length)  Super cute patterns and girlie all at the same time!

Price $30+




2) Gear

Fuel/Water Belt

BCG Waist Belt Bottle

Price <$20


This was my 2nd Fuel belt I tried and I absolutely LOVE this one!  I love the fact that it’s just ONE bottle vs 2-4 of the little ones.  It rides on your low back so I don’t notice any bouncing at all.  Plus it has a small pouch for fuel as well.

3) Shoes

In this area, every runner has their own preference.  I personally LOVE New Balance and Saucony, but that is what works best for me and my feet.  If you are determined to get shoes for your runner. I suggest getting a gift card to a running store and letting them get properly fitted and sized for the proper pair of footwear.

4) Gadgets

Garmin Watch

Price $100+ (price will vary depending on model)

Every runner wants one at some point trust me!  They are so nice to have!




Case for iPhone

Tune Belt (it accommodates iPhones WITH Otterbox case ON, just be sure to read specifications as there are different ones)

Price <$20



5)  Money

Even after this list you don’t know what to get your runner, just give them CASH!  Yes I said CASH.  Cold hard cash, not a gift card, CASH!  All those races that they run in don’t accept gift cards, they need money to pay for all those race fees.  Your runner will be delighted to get this I promise!




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