Half Marathon Training Take 2!

HM pic

HM pic2


So let the half marathon training commence NEXT WEEK!!!  I’m so excited now!  After my 15k at the end of October, I had kind of take a running sabbatical so to speak.  I had been running with my daughter to get her ready for the Turkey Trot, but other than that I hadn’t really ran.  However now that I got all my planning mapped out for next year with not one, but TWO half marathons, both within the first third of the year! The Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon series in Dallas-Fort Worth in March and then the amazing Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon in April.  (I highly suggest the OKC!  It is simply amazing at all the supporters and work that the city puts into this race every year.  I was actually brought to tears towards the end of my race at how amazing it is!)   Maybe I’m crazy, but this distance has grown on me since my one earlier this year.  I love how my body proves to me just what it’s made of and what I can do when I really set my mind to it.  Not to mention at the longer distances, it’s not so much my body that I have to convince, it’s the MIND!  There is something in my mind that can run 9.3 miles without fear, however the thought of 10 miles (a double-digit!) makes me nervous.  I want to END this fear and show my mind (and my body) that it can do it again!  Plus my sister-in-law started this thing by wanting to run a marathon on every continent (yes, even though she has never run a marathon), so I asked her to scale this back some.   Since she is one of my frequent running buddies, I helped “reconstruct” her idea, how about we try a half marathon in every STATE.  Seems much more doable in my mind then a marathon on every continent.  Have you ever even ready that book Alisha???  😉  I had read a book about a year ago about a woman who basically goes through a mid-life crisis and decides to run a marathon on every continent.  The book is called Second Wind:  One Woman’s Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents.  I HIGHLY recommend this book, even if you are NOT a runner.  Wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL book!  If you are in need of some inspiration, READ it!

I am also excited about this HM training for another reason.  Remember my friend Jennifer that I got hooked on running and ran her first 5k at the beginning of October?  Well she wants to run a half marathon now too!  I have every ounce of faith that she can do!  This woman is incredible!  She has managed to lose 50 lbs since July and is STILL shrinking before my very eyes!  She went  from couch to 5k to losing 50lbs,  and now to half marathon training in LESS than a year!  SUPER WOMAN status just might be achieved with her!

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