Half Marathon Training Week #11 and Weekly Wrap Up

So today marked my 11th week of half marathon training and my 200th run since Taylor was born April 2012. As a runner, I love numbers and statistics like that.

This was a fairly good week. Felt wonderful during all of my runs and got them all in. They weren’t all on schedule as I started my running week on Sunday with my family. Plus Sunday was a beautiful day before the winter weather hit us again.

Sunday – 4.25 mile run with the family on our paved trail pushing the stroller with 30lbs of toddler in it. Beautiful 70 degree day!

Monday – REST! I was super busy with work and was just plain exhausted.

Tuesday – 4 miles

Wednesday – P90x3 Agility

Thursday – 4.09 miles + P90x3 Yoga

Friday – The Challenge

Saturday – 9.16 miles Cruddy, cold weather. Had to watch out for ice patches on the bridges

21.5 miles total for the week! I got 65.4 miles in during the month of January. My goal is to get more than that during February.

What are your goals for the month of February?

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