I love the morning times

As a parent I love the early morning times before the kids wake up.  Not because I don’t love to hear their happy little voices in the morning, but because it gives me a chance to start my day and reflect upon what I would like to accomplish throughout the day.  As a mom, I’m always on the go, running around to various different activities:  work, school, babysitter, grocery shopping, gym, running events, swimming lessons, Girl Scouts and other various places.

I love being able to sit, drink my coffee, do an early morning workout, run if my husband is at home, or do other little odd ball things that are difficult when you have two little ones in tow.  Let’s face it as a mom you don’t even find peace and quiet going to the bathroom!  I mean there is ALWAYS that little hand poking under the door or someone sitting outside the door yelling “Mom!!  Can you help me with this??”

And with that I hear the “thud thud” I mean pitter patter of little feet saying “Mommy, I’m awake!  Come get me!”

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