Long “Monday” Back at Work

Well granted today isn’t Monday, but it WAS Monday for me today at work and boy was it a busy one! Today was one of the last FOUR days left of school for my daughter. This is the first year she has had to go AFTER Memorial Day. It was hard to get into the mindset that she wasn’t done with school yet. So we had to get up at our normal time and then head back home for my normal morning routine once the kids are taken care of.

I had a FULL day of patients lined up with no breaks in between. I failed to leave out that it was dreary and raining out so that just slowed everything down and made everyone SUPER groggy and tired, even myself! All I wanted to do until about noon was go back to bed! Oy vey! Well I finally made it through my day, got my son picked up and my daughter to gymnastics (Yes I even forgot about this because in my mind it is MONDAY! HA!) Got dinner cooked and took 3 kids to the library to get them signed up for the summer reading program from our local library. Yes even my 2-year-old son is participating this year! He was sooo excited! That took a little longer than I expected, but I think they all enjoyed it and the girls had a little friendly competition going on in the car. Taylor, well, he could have cared less! He was just wound up that he got to go with the BIG kids and get books about dinosaurs! They are so stinkin cute!

I did have one hiccup in my day though, okay well two. The first one, I don’t want to go into too much detail on, but I had a little rush of panic from someone close to me. It got me thinking and of course worried even if it turned out to be nothing, but it has me on a mission to change some things around. Second hiccup was check engine light came on in my car. Good and bad with that. Good, my husband knows what it is and has tried two different things, bad is the third option will be taking it back to the dealer to let them flash some computer jargon on it and hopes that it fixes it. We are taking it in first thing in the morning to the dealer so that they can get it worked on.

After all that today, I still managed to get day number two of my Runner’s World running streak in. I kept it short with one mile since I still had to fit in my T25 Total Body Cardio, but nonetheless it all got fit in AND I kept on track with the eating today! Kim 1 Bad Habits 0

How was your return to work after a holiday?

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