Mommy Duties

Oh gosh, I swear I need more hours in my days!  I came home with all intentions of working out and yet it felt so nice to sit in peace and quiet and doing absolutely NOTHING!  I can hear myself think, no chores calling my name, (well there are but I’ve tuned their volume down), no kids yelling, screaming, shrieking, crying, asking for a snack or that they want to go here or there.  Not even a husband!  *gasp*  Now I love my family, don’t get me wrong.  But having ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do is RARE for me!  I am always on the go, working, housework, exercising, Sofie’s extracurricular activities.  ALWAYS something!  So I thought it was awesome that I had an hour to myself, to enjoy my peace and quiet and get my thoughts out.  To flip through my latest Runner’s World Magazine on my iPad and enjoy my protein bar.  Even if I take a day off of work, I spend getting housework done or running errands.

However with that being said, I’m sure I will feel guilty later for having done so and will be kicking myself in the rear for not taking advantage of a free moment and getting some stuff done, but that’s okay!  I’m going to sit here and enjoy my 8 more minutes of quiet before I have to run and get the kids!



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