Motherhood, wifedom and getting your $h*t done

So one thing I always hear or get asked is “You are Super Mom!” or “How do you manage to find time to get everything done in a day?”

You want to know the real answer?  I DON’T! HA!  Were you expecting some miracle deal that I had?  Nope!  I don’t have a maid, even though I would entertain the thought of one, however the idea of paying for someone to clean up my house when I am perfectly able to seems a bit ridiculous in my mind.

Honestly, I don’t know about other moms out there but there are some days it feels easier than others to get everything in.  I always feel like I need more time in my day though.  That is a constant in my life that and coffee! Between spending time with my kids and husband, getting daily stuff done around the house, work, and exercising.  Some days aren’t long enough.  You know what?  That’s okay!  So what that my livingroom looks like a toy store blew up in it.  I DO have kids and one being a toddler after all, I can’t expect an immaculate house.  I would LOVE the thought of it, but I will have time for that when my kids are grown!   Do I feel guilty?  NOPE!  I prioritize my agenda daily.  So don’t for once think that I’m “Super Mom” and get all this in daily.  HECK NO!  My kids and husband come first, work and my health.  I may or may not get all my chores done around the house during the week, but we stay afloat.  Both of my kids help with dishes nightly, yes even the toddler.  He is at that wonderful age where all he wants to do is help, so I let him!  Yes, there might be “uh oh” moments along the way, but who cares.  He is learning!  So what that it takes me twice as long to do laundry because he wants to help carry the clothes, load them, put them in the basket and push the basket to the chair I sit in when I fold clothes.  But THAT’S OKAY!  I loathe laundry!  He makes it fun for me.  Plus I’m getting help with it so I won’t complain!  2014-01-18 18.30.35

I have a wonderful, loving husband that fully supports my running addiction. He may say I’m crazy from time to time, but he “gets it” as I “get” his storm chasing hobby.   (Which is quite interesting I might add!)  He has gotten really good in the kitchen too and will often help me out and get dinner going, even when I’m at home cooking myself.  Nothing is sexier than seeing a man in the kitchen right?!?!  🙂

So when you think you are failing, think twice.  Look around at all the stuff you DID do today and not what you have left to do.  Family comes FIRST, however your health and wellness should be just as important.  Without “mom” in the house, what would they do?  Prioritize your daily “To Do’s” and make a To Do list if you must.  Some days I need a list, some days I’m just on autopilot and know what I need to do.  Schedules are a must for me though on some things.  Menu planning, exercise, extracurricular activities and work.  My daughter participates in TWO, yes ONLY TWO activities.  Gymnastics and Girl Scouts.  I will not let her have something scheduled daily.  She often gets frustrated with it after a while and just wants a day off as well to play with her friends.  I see some parents that have their children doing something daily.  Not in this house!  She has to have time to get daily chores, homework, reading done without feeling rushed.  Plus I don’t want that feeling of feeling rushed through life.  Take it easy, enjoy it.  It goes WAY TOO FAST and your kids are grown right before your very eyes.

Rule of thumb, DON’T get down on yourself for not accomplishing everything daily.  However I feel like mom’s should make their health and wellness a priority too.

End of story.  Period.

QOTD:  What things do you do to make your daily tasks easier?

4 thoughts on “Motherhood, wifedom and getting your $h*t done

  1. I love that your daughter is doing only 2 activities. My kids are older 13 and 11, and I have always been the mom who has kept the lifestyle simple enough for all of us to manage. Sticking to one or two is plenty along with school. I just shake my head at the moms out there who think they have to fill their kids schedules up with “everything”…good lord, let them accomplish something, be good at it and have fun. Not be stressed out and over run. They do grow fast, really fast ….totally take a break and just enjoy 🙂 I love this post Kim

  2. I’m learning to leave my perfectionist life style behind! I’ve always felt the same way about activities, especially with 2 kids, and the only reason Kaylie got to join a second activity was it wen together with her gymnastics and is on the same night so we still have the 6 other nights of the week to be activity free! I’ve learned to slow way down and take everything one day at a time. Haven’t quite figured in fitness yet, but I will be starting to work on that! As you know, our house is a little unique with our “special” 12 year old lol. Maybe fitness would be a good outlet for me to stay focused on the positive. I do know I’ve started weeding out the negative people in my life……. Oh and chores are a big deal in our house too! Now that I’m letting go of “perfect” it’s alot easier to delegate tasks to the children 🙂

    • Good for you Christina! It is hard, so very hard to let go of things. Plus it get’s frustrating when you spend your day cleaning, only then to have it destroyed in a matter of hours! lol Delegation works great! I’m glad Travis took it upon himself to help more and he delegates more then I do! 😛 Yes your house is “unique” with the 12 year old and the what 28? 29? year old 😛 hehe I think fitness would be a good outlet for you. Don’t see it as a punishment, look at it as healthy “me time” vs going out to dinner with the girls or for drinks. You pay for that later! lol Maybe get them involved with you. You never know! lol Keep it up! 😀

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