New Balance Minimus Ionix 3090v2

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So I have had my new kicks for a week now and absolutely LOVE them!  They are nice and light and fit perfectly.  I do have recurrent bouts of Plantar fasciitis so I did put my orthotics inside them to help with that as they are pretty flat and have little arch supports.  I do love the fact that they only weight 6.8 ounces and feel light and airy.  I have roughly 10 miles on them since last week and have had no issues with them as of yet.  These were definitely different from what I normally go with.  Usually I’m the one to pick out the shoes with the highly cushioned heels to lessen some of the impact from my heavy heelstrike.  However I have noticed since going through a more formal training group with my half marathon training earlier this year, I learned a lot more about stride, mid-foot strike and what which has helped me change my running stride tremendously, adding in the orthotics helped that as well!  I will definitely be buying these again!  Plus I must say I absolutely LOVE the color!  <3

2 thoughts on “New Balance Minimus Ionix 3090v2

  1. These are great shoes!!! Are they only for running? What shoes would you recommend for “a little bit of everything-probably not a lot of running-more walking and going to the gym” shoes? LOL I have an older pair of Nike running shoes, and I’m due for a new pair now. Trying to find something that will let me go to the gym comfortably, walk, and do Zumba at the same time. LOL

    • Yes these are more for running. I do love New Balance and Saucony brand shoes. I would probably go with more of a cross trainer for Zumba and just general gym shoes. I always go with running shoes as that is my go-to sport and notice with doing Zumba that my running shoes my ankles want to roll because of the highly cushioned soles. Definitely go for comfort though!

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