New Kicks

So I’m super excited! I ordered a new pair of running shoes last night and am eagerly awaiting for them to come in. I bought the New Balance Minimus Ionix 3090v2 in pink of course! I LOVE pink! I tried them on at Academy than of course had to go home and think on it. This will be my first pair of “minimal” shoes. Will definitely have to transition into them and I of course will still be wearing them with my arch support inserts. Plantar fasciitis is NO fun! I still get the occasional flare up, but nothing that adding my arch supports into my shoes won’t fix! Will let you know how the new kicks wear once I get them.

Speaking of running, I have signed up for the first Diva Dash 5k in Tulsa this year with my running buddy, my sister in law. This will be my first 5k since Warrior Dash back in May. I can’t wait! I think I will skip September race wise and do two in October. Still toying with the idea of the Tulsa Run 15k. However if I do this I need to get on the ball and get a training plan set up since my longest run lately has been 5 miles. Will need to work on adding ~4.3 miles to that. Shouldn’t be too bad than. What do you guys think?



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