Oklahoma City Memorial Race Recap Part 2

So bright and early Bruno Mars serenaded me awake at 4 a.m.  One good thing about race mornings is I’m instantly awake when my alarm goes off!  Quickly got dressed and made our way downstairs to get some breakfast and much-needed coffee!  I ate a half of a bagel with peanut butter, half a banana and half a cup of coffee and saved the other banana and half a bagel for closer to the race just in case of a delay since the weather was supposed to be bad.  When I first woke up, I went out on the balcony of our hotel room and the weather wasn’t bad yet.  Just humid and slightly windy.

Once dressed and ready to go, we headed downstairs to wait for my sister-in-law then hop on the shuttle.  About half way to the start line, it started to rain a little but not bad.  After getting off the shuttle we immediately made our way to the portopotties to get that out of our way.  At this time they weren’t saying anything about a delay so I went ahead and threw away the other half of my bagel and banana.  Big mistake!  Shortly after that they called for the first delay of the day, saying that the storm was getting ready to come through and where we should take cover at.  We found a place on our side of the street and took a seat on the ground.  The wind picked up but nothing really happened CORRECTION, it was lightning, but other than that nothing.  A lady we sat next to said her husband mentioned hail where they lived but it being short-lived.  So we sat there a little longer, then they announced that they were delaying it even longer due to a storm system behind this one.  At this time a police officer came over and mentioned we could go into the bottom floor of the Federal Building and take cover.  Seats AND bathrooms in there!  SCORE!  So we headed in there to wait out the rest of the storm.  It was in there that they mentioned if it didn’t clear up by 9 am they were going to cancel it.  My friend Jennifer immediately got a little upset because she had been training for this day and did NOT want them to cancel it.  Eventually they announced we were on for an 8:15 am start time.  Nearly 2 hours later!  BUT at least the show was on the road!  YAY!

The outside of the memorial

2014-04-27 05.46.12


The starting line


2014-04-27 05.47.17


FINALLY getting ready to line up for the race after the delay


2014-04-27 08.13.28


The corral area!  OVER 26,000 runners in the 5k, half marathon, marathon, AND marathon relay.  Absolutely AMAZING!  This picture is showing from where we were at going towards the back of the pack.


2014-04-27 08.22.42


From where we were at to the starting line.

2014-04-27 08.22.49

With the delay, it seemed like they got us out of the corral fairly quickly.  I was a little nervous at this point as my stomach was starting to growl now.  I downed some sports beans about 8 am, hoping that would hold me over.  At this point since it had poured, it was even more humid than it was earlier!  For myself it started out pretty good despite the humidity.  Since this wasn’t my first time, I got to enjoy the crowd a little more and take it all in.  Watching the fireman as they walked in their full uniforms and tanks, reading people’s shirts and the crowd and their signs.

One hang up in the course of the run, about 4 miles in, Jennifer’s phone was saying only 10% battery life left.  I’m guessing that when we were in the bottom floor of the Federal Building, my phone kept searching for a signal so I turned it on airplane mode, she however didn’t, so I’m thinking that sucked the life out of her battery.  So she quickly turned off all her apps but her music.  This one little thing managed to save her enough battery that she was able to make it til about the last 1.5-2 miles of the race.  Jennifer was also nervous about her knee as she had been having some pain with it during her training runs and never made anything past 12 miles.  With some encouragement from myself, friends and family, she just did what she could leading up to the run, iced her knee and took some NSAIDS.  With her phone dying and shutting down her Nike + running app, I kept giving her updates about where we were at on the course.  There is nothing worse than wondering where you are at in the course of your run.  At one point I told her we were half way, and I thought she might kill me!  HA!  I think she was hoping we were further along!  Sorry Jenn!  I’m not sure at what mile marker her knee started hurting but I do know towards the end it was bothering her.  For most of the way, Alisha and I ran ahead of Jennifer by 5-10 feet but once we reached the 12 mile mark, I told Alisha lets fall back and keep with her as she had never made it further then 12 during her training runs.  I wanted to be her mental support if she needed it.

Somewhere around this time Jennifer’s phone finally died, and knowing how much she relies on her music to distract her and get her through, especially when I know her knee was hurting her, I told her I could 1) sing to her or 2) she could have my phone and listen to my music.  Now keep in mind Jennifer and I listen to music during our runs that are quite a bit different from one another to say the least!  She opted for #2!  Good choice!  HA!  I don’t understand why she wouldn’t want to listen to me sing?!?!  😉

Once we crossed the finish line, I immediately hugged Jennifer, as this was a HUGE accomplishment for her.  She had JUST started running last July!  She was in tears as I knew she would be, heck I was the same way and I am not too emotional on things like this.  My time was 2:29:21.  This was a great run, good enough, that I felt like I could have went on.  Maybe this is a sign for me?  Who knows!

One of the perks at the finish line of the Oklahoma City Memorial race?  TONS of food!  I don’t think Carl’s Jr cheeseburgers have ever tasted so good!   This is definitely guilt free bingeing at it’s finest!  Well earned!

2014-04-27 11.12.49

Since Jennifer’s phone had died, she asked me to text her husband to let him know we had finished and then she of course had to take some “selfies.”  HA!  Love this girl!  So proud of her!

2014-04-27 11.24.39

And YES!  I’m STILL smiling after my race!  I love running and the feeling it gives me!  Two half marathons down this year, two more to go in June alone!

2014-04-27 11.27.43



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    • Thank you Sarah! Humid and a little too warm for my liking that’s for sure! I’m loving the bling from your Garmin half!

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