Peace and Quiet? What is this?

HOLY MOLY!  MY house is do I dare say it….q.u.i.e.t!  My husband and daughter left over an hour ago to go collect my husband’s deer stand from his hunting spot and my son is asleep.  What will I do with myself?  I do not hear any shrieking, screaming, whininess, nothing!  I have the whole house to myself!

Ok well shortly after I typed that phrase the door opened and my husband and daughter returned.  HA!  I jinxed myself!  Oh well!  I love seeing their smiling faces.

So I got my got in my miles today.  5.07 in the books!  It was a sad but happy 5 miles.  Today was dedicated to Megan Menzies.  The woman who was killed on January 13, 2014 by a drunk driver while running.

2014-01-18 14.30.22


I encourage EVERYONE to get out and do some sort of mileage today, whether it be walking, running, cycling, whatever.  Do it in honor of Meg and the other runners that were hit by cars this week.  Be extra aware of your surroundings, turn your music down on your headphones, or like I do, only wear one ear bud in and one out, pay attention if you are running on the roadway.  Run against the flow of traffic.  Always run when it’s daylight and if you DO run in the dark, where bright, reflective colors, use a flashlight or headlamp.  Be EXTRA careful.  Don’t assume people see you.

P.S.  It’s q.u.i.e.t in my house again.  Husband and daughter are outside working on a project and son is sleeping.  Shhh…..*tip toes in for coffee*

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