Relaxing Weekends

So this weekend has been the first in awhile not having anything to do! It has been so nice and relaxing! The weather yesterday kind of detailed my plans some to get my miles in but I made up for it today. It threw my schedule off slightly but I will get it adjusted.

Yesterday was my “lazy” day (aka REST day). I think I did one load of laundry and dishes and that was about it! It was so nice. Today, however, I made up for it. I woke up, ran 7 miles, came home, made breakfast for the family, got some laundry done, more dishes, swept and mopped, MORE laundry, picked up the house, took a 5 mile bike ride with the family, cleaned my kitchen and worked some on my business. Very productive I must say! Tonight I’m hoping to crawl into bed early and get some reading done. Right now I’m reading “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. I highly suggest this book to EVERYONE! Everyone has dreams and aspirations and this book will help shed light on how to accomplish your dreams.

Right now I’m working on my schedule for this week. Not just for work, but for home and exercise wise. I’m so excited, I have my very first Tulsa Zoo 5k going on this upcoming Saturday with my good friend Jennifer, who this happens to be her very FIRST 5k. I can’t wait! I hope she loves racing just as much as I do. It’s addicting! Luckily my husband supports it! Ha!

Oh yes, I also have the fun task of going in and talking with my daughter’s school tomorrow. She got sent to the office on Friday for tardiness. This was a first for being sent to the office. Usually if we are late, you know it. The front, drop off location is bare, but not Friday. It was sooo busy! The teachers were still out there, buses still lined up as well as cars. If you haven’t read earlier posts, her grade school is going to a different school this year while her school is being remodeled. Drop off and pick up is now a nightmare. Kids can no longer be walkers. They are either car riders or bus riders because there is no good way for kids to walk or parents to park and wait for the kids to get out like there was at her old grade school. So I’m questioning the tardiness and if they count it then they need to fix the drop off location or have a leeway for it. We easily wait 5+ minutes daily during drop off because of traffic. There is no “better time” to drop off in there 15 min window that the kids can be dropped off.

Has anyone else ever had to deal with this issue? Any suggestions?

What did you do this weekend!




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