Running with a FlipBelt

So back in mid August, I got ever so lucky and got chosen to try out a product I have been dying to try out.  I kept seeing this nifty little devices at all the running expos and packet pick ups.  This nifty running gadget would be the FlipBelt!

Have you ever heard of a FlipBelt?  If not let me tell you what it is.  FlipBelt is tubular belt that is “designed to carry your on-the-go essentials without tying up your hands.”  It is made from a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend.  You simply slide it over your hips and there it sits!  It is also machine washable as well as machine dryable!  How cool is that?

There are nine different colors to choose from as you can see down below.


I decided to stray away from my usual pink and just happened to choose the FlipBelt in black.

2014-08-17 09.07.15

Post Card


I have gotten the chance to run with it on several occasions.  When I first saw FlipBelt at some of the running expos I was a little hesitant thinking there were no zippers to keep things in place and it would just bounce or fall out.  Boy was I wrong!  I have made the switch from running with my armband for my iPhone 5 to running with my iPhone 5 in the FlipBelt along with my keys and several pouches of sports beans.   I also have found uses for it outside of running!  As a busy mom of an eight and a two-year old, my life gets chaotic to say the least.  I have often put my FlipBelt on when we are out running errands and carry my iPhone 5, credit card, driver’s license, as well as my keys in it.  For whatever reason my son has gotten to where he wants to be held as we go through some stores and that gets difficult with a 30 lb toddler plus the extra stuff.  I find a purse difficult for me to carry at times when I have to juggle the toddler on my own, so this is where a FlipBelt comes in VERY handy!  Gives me more opportunity to keep up with my two-year old without having to worry about losing valuable items.

This is definitely one accessory I HIGHLY recommend whether you run, exercise or even for just every day use.   One of the great perks of getting to review this bad boy, is the fact I get to offer a discount to my readers which is good until 9/7/2014.  If you simply go to FlipBelt and use the code SWEAT33 and you will receive 10% off your entire purchase.  You won’t want to miss out on this discount trust me!

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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by FlipBelt  and while I received a free sample to review, I received no other compensation for this post and my review is 100% my own, honest opinion.

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