Skinny jeans

Or skinny shorts rather in this case.

We all have those “skinny” pants that we always keep a hold of “just incase” we ever return back to that previous size. They set in the back of your closet for years, collecting dust, yet you never get rid of them, and yet you never do anything to get back into them.

I can now say as of today, a pair of shorts that I haven’t fit into in 4 years fit once again! As I was getting ready for work, I came across these shorts. Saw them, pushed them aside, found the pants I was looking for and got dressed. I contemplated to myself trying these on in a few weeks to see if they would fit. Didn’t think they would just yet as its only been 3 weeks since I had started my new exercise routine. I started to walk out of our bedroom door, when I turned around, and went back to the dresser. I was going to try those shorts on real quick. Undressed and slipped them on fully expecting to have to shimmy my way into them as any woman fully knows what I’m talking back. They slid on easy enough. Good sign. Now for the fastening of the button. TA DA! They fastened!! COMFORTABLY TOO! No sucking it in, no laying down on the bed and letting gravity assist. No muffin top. No sitting down and button feels like it’s going to pop off. Nothing! They felt comfortable and I felt A-MAY-ZING! All my hard work was paying off!

Yes I’ve been seeing the scale numbers go down. I knew my pants were starting to get loose, but yet you have your doubts. You hesitate to try them on, because you don’t want to be disappointed.

Maybe it’s time to do something about those skinny jeans if you haven’t started already. What does it take to fit into those skinny pants once again you might ask? Hard work, determination, motivation, and being consistent. I did it, so can you!

Sometimes we all just Needa little extra motivation to get started. Shoot me a message and I will help! Join me and others hold each other accountable.


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