The Reality of Motherhood

So it has yet again, been awhile.  I set the goal to work more on my blog and within the first few days, your goal disintegrates.  POOF!  Just like that!  Just like trying to lose those “last 10lbs.”  Hmm….funny how that happens huh?

I’m sure every single one of you has had that happen.  Not the need of trying to lose those last 10 lbs, but starting something with the best of intentions and then life happens, you get sidetracked, you forget, you lose focus.  Whatever it maybe.  It just doesn’t become high on the priority list, especially when you have kids.

I mean with a ten-year old and a four-year old, who has time to think most of the time, let alone put it into words.  By the time I get them in bed and it’s quiet, I want to crash in bed.  Just ask my husband!  “Alone time” with my husband?  After the kids have gone to bed?  You mean I have to be sexy?!  What the what??!  HA!  Just give me my blankie and pillow!  Yes I am aware my husband may or may not read this and will probably be shaking his head, but I’m just being real here and I know I’m not the only one out there.  It’s not that we don’t want that time with them, but we do sooo much for our families, that when it’s time to crash, we just crash!



Am I right or am I RIGHT?!?!

Who knew as a mother AND a wife so much of our time would be dictated by others? Nothing was ever mentioned about this in a book, in that Young World class that Mrs. Lesser (and we, as a class, had so much fun with her!), or for Heaven’s sake by our OWN mothers?  MA?!?!  Come on!  You were holding out on me!  Oh wait I know why!  Because we want revenge on our own kids!  AH HA!  I figured it out!

Heck I tell my own daughter, if she doesn’t have kids when she gets older, I will adopt some for her!  You know, just like you do animals!  Go down to the pound and pick out the right one!  That’s how it works right?!?  I mean it’s all about attempting to raise your kids right, not screw them up, teach them to be strong, independent individuals that are kind souls, do right in the world and help others as they can right?!  What’s a little payback to them for all that they “put us” through?!  Hardy Har Har!  Okay, seriously though I’m JUST KIDDING!  I know that’s not how one goes about it, and I know that kids aren’t for everyone, but I have to laugh and say what I know some of you are thinking.

Okay, so back where I started.  Got sidetracked again.  SQUIRREL!  HA!

So as busy mothers, we try to take on more tasks, or get this brilliant idea that we are going to do something new in our lives for US, but how do we fit that in?   How do we find the time to take care of those tiny little humans that we created, care and show affection to the love of our lives and then of course still take care of those furbabies that have been added to the family over the years that those little humans promised to feed and water so that “you don’t have to,” PLUS take care of the house and (GASP!), try to work outside of the home?!  Oh Lordy!  I mean come on those tiny little humans and the spouse want to eat every. Single. Night!  COME ON!  That’s a lot of commitment dude!

So where in all of that do we find time for ourselves and still manage to survive the day without taking someone’s head off?!  I mean it’s no wonder that one in FOUR middle-aged women take a prescription med for mental health!  (You can check out the article here.)  Oh yeah….we get up at the butt crack of dawn or we stay up til the butt crack of dawn.  Take your pick.  One or the other!  Or both, I mean who needs sleep anyway right?  Sleep is overrated anyway right?!?

This is where I take advantage of early mornings.  I get up, exercise and then head out to my oasis and get to work.

2016-07-09 08.41.26


I mean what mother doesn’t have SIPPY CUPS in their oasis?!  Or is littered with toys?!  It’s amazing at how much stuff I can get accomplished though at 6 am!  The world is yet to awaken (or at least at my house, husband, kids, OR animals for that matter), I mean I get out to my usual running location on my run days and the parking lot is filled right now with those bikers and fellow runners who are out trying beat the heat and humidity here in good ol’ Oklahoma.

I am the first one to tell you I am NOT a morning person.  I am not a night owl either.  I like my uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours just like everyone else, but let’s face it, once you become a mother, that doesn’t happen regularly!  Some nights its 4-5 hours of sleep, occasionally it’s 9 hours of sleep, but on average it’s more like 6-7 hours of sleep and then I’m doing good.  I don’t know what your average is, but that’s mine at least.  I would rather sacrifice a little bit of sleep and feel good about myself, all while feeling accomplished in my day.

Despite all the time though that I put into my family and making sure they are all happy and healthy, I seriously love them to pieces and wouldn’t trade them for the world.  They keep me sane (and drive me insane some days!) and grounded and love me regardless.

family time


What do you Super Moms do to make it through your day?


I want to know!

Kim 🙂




I think I disappeared!

Wow!  Has it really been almost 3 months since I have posted?!!? HOLY COW!  Who knew taking a new job would suddenly render me out of commission on blogging.  Who knew that by adding ONE MORE hour to a normal work day, would leave someone so utterly tired with feet KILLING me that I would only come home, eat dinner with the family and zonk out as soon as the kids were in bed only to wake up and do it the very next day.

So if you remember from my last post back in February that I had taken a new job at an outpatient clinic.  Enjoyed it for the most part except the long days and the constant running around the clinic (I averaged over 10,000 steps a day just at the clinic alone!).  My husband was able to make his work schedule fit our family’s needs, however it grew to be more and more difficult.  He ended up losing his co-worker and friend at the end of February and life became chaotic from then on.  He would have to get up at the crack of dawn to get started so that in hopes our son wouldn’t have to spend the entire day at the sitter, however it didn’t always work out.  An overnight out-of-state trip here, several long, trying days there, selling a house, a week-long move since I was unable to take days off, potty training, and getting acclimated to a new house with a 8-year-old and a 2-year-old and completely new hours for school and work ALL while trying to learn a new job, someone just had another plan for our family.  We can say we tried, however it was just not meant to be.  So beginning May 11th, I am going back to my old job, so that I may have the flexibility in my schedule that my family needs.  No longer will I have to try to wake my cranky (now 3-year-old) up at the crack of dawn and get him up and functioning, fed, dressed and out the door, while dropping both him and my daughter off at school because she can no longer ride the bus from our new neighborhood.  No longer will I come home about 6:15 to find that my husband was doing his best to throw a meal together so that I wouldn’t have to do that after a 9+ hour day.  No longer will this momma only exist to her family, but she will be back on her feet (without them hurting or the sharp, shooting pains that come from the uncomfortable shoes I had to wear), enjoying time once again with her husband and kids like she should be.


Life isn’t all about making the money in life.  Life is about making ends meet and enjoying what you have in front of you.  As I eagerly count the days until my return back to my previous work family (whom I GREATLY missed), I will enjoy what I have learned thus far at my new job, be thankful for the new bonds I have formed  and the people who I have met, however my first priority is my family at home.  Our happiness and health is most important.


What have YOU been up to lately?

Happy New Year! Bring on 2015!

So one of my goals this year is to be more active on my blog.  I often think of things to write during the day, then when I get home and the chaos of kids hits and I hit writer’s block.  Doesn’t make for a successful blog let me tell ya!

Another thing I’m hoping to help change this year is the way fellow moms think.  Just recently I had a mom tell me that I was selfish of all things for spending so much time exercising and worrying about my health versus spending it with my family and taking care of my kids.  HELLO?!??!  How else is mom suppose to remain healthy?  Exercising is NOT being selfish especially as a mom.  I feel kids learn by their parents setting an example and how is it when mom is eating crap and not taking care of herself a good example for her children.  Here she is worrying about whether they eat their veggies and what not and then she “don’t have time” to do that for herself?  I call bullshit!   Excuse my language, but this is something I am very passionate about.

I’m pretty sure kids will grow up just fine and not to mention learn some independence in the process, if mom isn’t focused on them 100% of the time.  If kids get 100% of your time and effort, think of it as them learning to be selfish.  It is alright if you take 30-60 minutes of your day to focus on YOUR health.   Exercising is NOT about “being skinny” or “looking good.”  It’s about being HEALTHY and planting those seeds in your children so that they learn the value of making good decisions.

Not only will mom’s health improve from daily exercise, but so will her stress levels, her self esteem and her overall life/marriage.  As my friend says “happy mommas, make happier families!”  RIGHT ON!

In another recent conversation with a fellow mom who was worried about her health, however did not want to lose anytime with her babies.  What about when your health is suffering and you can’t truly enjoy your time with your kids 100% because you are in pain or discomfort or just uncomfortable in general?  How is that any better?  How is it any better that you spent ALL your time focused on your family and kids and then you are disabled or even worse gone at a young age because you didn’t spend the time to focus on you either?  Your kids and family NEED you even after they are grown.  Trust me, I know this from a fact.  Losing my dad at the age of 19 was devastating.  Granted it has been what makes me so passionate about health and wellness, but it also lead to many tears over the years of the things that I was deprived of.  Having my dad walk me down the aisle.  The support from him going through a divorce.  Knowing that my dad had met my husband.  The list goes on and on and I’m sure it’s not over with.

Take the time to work on your health. Please!  I beg all of you mom and even dads out there. It doesn’t have to be much.  Thirty minutes daily is all that is really required.  That is a fraction of your day.  Show your kids what it truly means to be healthy and lead by example.

Plant those seeds and stop thinking/feeling like your being selfish by focusing on your health this year.  Your whole families health depends on it.

Relaxing Weekends

So we basically had nothing to do this weekend for a change.  Nothing that required us to travel really.  I did have a health expo that I did on Saturday with another fellow coach.  It was a good start to getting our “feet wet” in that department.

After the expo was done, I got to come home and enjoy my weekend with the family.  My wonderful husband rallied the kids together to help clean the house so it wouldn’t take as long.  Our daughter of course had to protest but eventually started helping out with some prodding to say the least.  The 2-year-old was actually very helpful in the beginning to help pick toys up and such.  Of course we kept having to keep redirecting him to new tasks so the toys wouldn’t start coming back out again though.  Today was a different story to say the least!  HA!  His idea of helping was dumping a small bottle of bubbles out on the floor somewhere we couldn’t see initially until he was running around and slipped and fell in he puddle of bubbles.  Luckily it was on the hardwood floor and not the tile.  It was a little more forgiving on his head, despite his hair being covered in bubbles now.  He was encouraging us to keep moving and keep cleaning though as he kept bringing us pretzels along the way.  He can be sweet when he wants to be!

Today, now that the house is clean, I’ve been working on my LEAST favorite chore…..laundry……bleh!  I despise laundry with a passion!  I would rather go out and run in the heat than do laundry!  Yes, it’s THAT bad!  I.  Do.  Not.  Like.  Laundry.

One of the things that I was given to try out are these little gems.

2014-06-01 13.22.39 2014-06-01 13.22.46


2014-06-01 13.23.05


I was given these as a sample to try out by Margaret from The Pontes Group.  These things are quite delicious!  Delicious to the point that I have to remind myself they aren’t candy.  Think of BIG M&Ms!  They have 3 different flavors:  Chocolate, Mint and Peanut Butter.  My favorites being the Chocolate and the Mint.  Peanut Butter is pretty good, but not my first choice.  One small box of Energems has the equivalence of 3 cups of coffee!   I’m good with one single serving which is 3 Energems.  If I need a little pick me up, this is a nice, little treat when I’m not able to get to my coffee pot!  My husband loves the things too.  I actually had to hide this box from him at one point!  HA!

To read more about Energems you can check out their website.

How has your weekend been?

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Energem  and while I received a free sample to review, I received no other compensation for this post and my review is 100% my own, honest opinion.


Weekly Chase #14

So how was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was relaxing and uneventful for a change!  Much needed to say the least!  We hung around the house for the most part.  Did do a few mundane things.  My family surprised me with an early birthday present that I had been wanting!  A Polar FT4 heart rate monitor!  They are by far the best.  Not because they get me presents, because they KNOW me and what I like.

2013-11-02 16.17.19


The kids had a great weekend too.  My daughter got to play with her friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.  They had plenty of leaves to rake up and try to create a pile to play in.  We got the Halloween decorations down and started putting up Thanksgiving ones.  My son absolutely LOVES the inflatables and has to go out every single day to see it and gets so stinkin’ excited when he sees it.  It’s so cute!  He also has decided to take on Daddy’s role.  I think he has some pretty big shoes to fill!  What do you think?  <3

2013-11-02 19.02.13


So now it’s time for the Weekly Chase!  I hope this inspires others how important it is to set goals as well.




1)  Run at LEAST 3 times. – Managed to get 2 runs in.  I was a little more fatigued this week after my 15k

2)  Log my family walks AND water intake DAILY. – COMPLETE!  

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise and recover from my 15k. – Other then getting my runs in like I was wanting, I DID manage to stay on schedule.

4)  Get signed up for my Turkey Trot with my friend Jennifer and possibly my daughter. – DONE!

5) Prepare for my next 30 day group. – DONE!

6)  Keep up the blogging!  Blog at LEAST 3 times between Tuesday and Sunday – DONE!



1)  Run at LEAST 3 times.

2)  Continue to log my walks with my family and water intake DAILY.

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise.

4)  Continue to eat healthy and help my husband stay focused on his weight loss.

5)  Finalize my next 30 day group and start planning for New Year’s group.

6)  Try to finish The Compound Effect (book I’m reading)


What are your goals for the week?


Fantastic Friday Edition #1

So it’s November 1st and I’m sure by now you all know how much I love the start of a new month and a fresh calendar! A new month for me is a time to reflect on the past month and plan/set goals for a new month.

I would say we had a fun month both family and fitness related. I ran with a friend of mine in her first ever 5k, and just yesterday we signed up for her second, the Tulsa Turkey Trot the day after Thanksgiving. All together for my training this month in preparation for my 15k just last week, I ran a total of 47.6 miles. I need to get back to it since I have kind of taken this week off for the most part from running. I have kept up fairly well with my Les Mills Combat though.

On the home front, Sofie got to enjoy her Girl Scouts Stranger Danger class and has decided she is going to run a 5k race with me in the near future.

The kids had a fun Halloween and definitely got plenty of candy. So much in fact I think we will be donating some! Taylor really got into the hang of trick or treating and picked up what to do really quick.





Speaking of Taylor he has finally decided to expand is vocabulary. Before he was pretty much a “caveman” grunting and pointing at everything only to say “gaga” (dog), “bye'” and “mama,” but completely understands what you tell him to do. Now he still does this for the most part, but he now says “dada” regularly as well as “Sis” (for Sissy), “love you,” and “see.” We think even was even trying to say thanks on Halloween night. It’s hard to believe that he will already be 19 months old here in just a few days! Golly the time flies!

How was your week/month? What do you have going on for next month?

Last Week’s Chronicles

So last week we, as a family were fairly busy!  It was a fun week though.  Work slowed down some so I got to get some stuff done around the house.  I managed to track down Taylor’s Halloween costume down.  He got all excited when he saw it, so it was a matter of finding one that fit!  It only took 8 stops to find one!  We won’t talk about the fact that it was AFTER I ran my 15 k on Saturday.

2013-10-26 18.16.31

2013-10-26 18.18.37 (Sorry kind of blurry, but you try taking a picture of an excited 18 month old! )

Speaking of which I had my Tulsa Run 15k on Saturday, you will find my race recap later this week.  Then we decided to make a trip to Pumpkin Town.  I think BOTH of the kids had fun!  There was: a pumpkin patch, pony rides


2013-10-27 15.44.17

2013-10-27 15.44.12

2013-10-27 15.43.58


2013-10-27 15.43.11(even a Breast Cancer Awareness pony!)

Bounce houses and a petting zoo  (which Taylor LOVED of course! Although everything again was a “gaga” (his word for dog))

2013-10-27 15.48.49

2013-10-27 15.48.13

2013-10-27 15.47.21

2013-10-27 15.46.57

hay bales and forts to climb on

2013-10-27 15.53.33

2013-10-27 15.53.53


2013-10-27 16.39.05

2013-10-27 16.39.35

A pumpkin cannon and several play areas

2013-10-27 15.54.53

2013-10-27 16.29.08

2013-10-27 16.37.19

2013-10-27 16.37.26


Every single thing right up both of their alleys, unfortunately some of it was too big for Mr. Taylor to enjoy but he still had fun, and I’m sure he ingested his fair share of hay dust!  Plus I’m pretty sure he updated his Christmas list from the Power Wheels Tractor to this bad boy up above.  By the end of it, he was covered in dirt and straw and looked like he had been munching on it.  Great weekend all in all!


The Weekly Chase #12

So the last couple of weeks have been crazy once again in our house.  I had a 7 day challenge going on with an awesome group of ladies that start on the 14th which they kept me hopping all week long.  Absolutely LOVE these groups and all that come along with them.  Even though they keep me busy, they are so motivational and inspirational even for me to see how everyone can pull together and help support one another.

On the family front we were constantly on the go it seemed like.  Sofie has gymnastics every Tuesday and Girl Scouts pretty much every other Wednesday.  For Girl Scouts on the 9th, the girls got to attend a “Stranger Danger” class and learn what to do if someone tried abducting them or harm them.

2013-10-09 19.27.24

2013-10-09 19.27.28It was rather entertaining from my aspect to see my gangly, long legged little girl trying to throw punches and kick.  She was definitely a force to be reckoned with until she fell backwards after kicking someone!  All in all they had a blast!  We also spent an evening at one of our favorite stores, Atwood’s.  It is basically every little boy (and grown man’s) dream store I think.  It is here where my son was starting to put his Christmas list together for Santa I do believe.

2013-10-16 17.29.44

2013-10-16 17.29.50


Also with him I decided to go ahead and get the next “big boy” item, a potty chair!

2013-10-15 19.07.27


He has absolutely no desire to use the darn thing just yet, however is ALWAYS fascinated and wanting to go INTO the bathroom with all of us here at home, so I figured that was a start!  Gosh it feels like an eternity since I’ve had to worry about this aspect of childhood!

This past weekend my daughter made a trip down to Texas to visit her family down there.  She seemed to enjoy herself even though she was GREATLY missed here at home!

2013-10-17 19.33.07

2013-10-17 19.33.26

2013-10-18 10.24.32


So with that being said of the last few weeks, let’s talk about goals from a few weeks ago.





1)  Run at LEAST 4 times. –  Since my last post I have ran a total of 6 times.  Averaging about 3 runs a week.  Better than nothing I guess.

2)  Take at LEAST 3 walks with the family, will shoot for even a bike ride this weekend, weather permitting. – This one I haven’t been marking on my calendar so will start doing this to keep track.

3)  Stay on schedule for the rest of the week with training. – This one I did not do.  I managed to get all the workouts in, but not on their scheduled days.  

4)  Blog at LEAST 3 times. – Completely fell off the wagon here. 

5)  Drink at LEAST 60 oz starting TODAY! – Did not log this one.  Will do better with logging.

6)  Stay on task with my business planning. – I did manage to stay on task with this despite everything else that I didn’t do!  Work got pretty busy and felt like I was treading water for these past couple of weeks.

But here is to a NEW week right?!

THIS week’s goals:

1)  Run at LEAST 3 times.

2)  Log my family walks AND water DAILY.

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise

4)  I have a 15k on Saturday, my goal is 93-95 minutes.

5)  Stay on top of my business DAILY TO DO list.

6)  BLOG MORE!  I have been horrible about this.

Well that’s it for this week!

QOTD:  What are some of YOUR goals for this week?




Weekly Chase #11

So this past week has been very eventful!  Monday we went to the Tulsa State Fair and had a blast!  I got to share a corndog with mustard with my littlest munchkin and then I just HAD to try a Red Velvet Cake Funnel Cake.  For those of you who don’t know, but I absolutely LOVE Red Velvet Cake!  It was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!  Sofie got to ride her few rides she likes, the Zip Line and Taylor got to enjoy his Petting Zoo.  He screamed and shrieked in delight!  It goes without saying that everything that walked on four legs (which by the way was everything in there) was a “gaga”  (aka dog).  He even loved the deer that tried to eat his shirt.  He just kept giggling!

During the work week, the rest of the week was just busy with work, Sofie’s after school activities and such.  Saturday, I ran with my friend Jennifer in the Tulsa Zoo Run 5k.  This was her first ever 5k so I was super excited!  Her goal was to finish it without walking any of it.  Needless to say she crushed this goal and did awesome!  I’m so proud of her!

2013-10-05 09.37.31 2013-10-05 09.37.51

2013-10-05 09.58.49 2013-10-05 11.22.47


So with that it now Tuesday (I was busy yesterday), so that only means one thing!  It’s time for this weeks Weekly Chase




Last Week’s goals:

1)  Run AT LEAST 4 times.  – Completed!

2)  Take AT LEAST 1 bike ride and 3 walks with the family. – Got 2 walks in, but no bike ride.  Hopefully this weekend!

3)  Stay on schedule for the rest of the week for my Les Mills Combat program. – Completed!

4)  Help my friend, Jennifer have a FUN!, first 5k on Saturday and help her accomplish her goal of running the WHOLE thing. –Completed!!!!!!  YAY!

5)  Blog AT LEAST 3 times. – I only got 2 in.

6)  Continue reading my new book “The Compound Effect” and learn something new from it (Challenge Goal).  – Completed!

7)  Enjoy a trip to the Tulsa State Fair this week. – Completed!


This week’s  goals:

1)  Run at LEAST 4 times.

2)  Take at LEAST 3 walks with the family, will shoot for even a bike ride this weekend, weather permitting.

3)  Stay on schedule for the rest of the week with training.

4)  Blog at LEAST 3 times.

5)  Drink at LEAST 60 oz starting TODAY!

6)  Stay on task with my business planning.

Weekly Chase #10

Well, I was behind last week after a weekend trip to Kansas to see friends and family and was treading water the rest of the week just to stay a float and keep up vs planning ahead and staying ahead of the game.  Our trip, however was awesome!  We had so much fun!  We went to Sofie’s first ever baseball game.  Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals.  She had tons of fun and keeps asking when can we go see another game!

2013-09-21 17.54.05

2013-09-21 19.24.51

2013-09-21 19.27.49

2013-09-21 20.47.44


Then my husband got to witness his first ever Threshing Bee in the big town of McLouth, KS.  I think he secretly liked seeing how the machines work, and of course now wants to have a suped up riding lawnmower.

2013-09-22 11.34.05


So with that, it’s Monday and that means a week of reflection AND projection with The Weekly Chase and then Back to School Learn Something New Challenge!





First off, the REFLECTION period, last week’s goals (or rather in this case, goals from TWO weeks ago!):

1)  Run AT LEAST 3 times.  I have 2 runs coming up in October, a 5k AND a 15k! – Only got 2 runs in.

2) Take at LEAST 2 walks with the family and 1 bike ride. – I got the two walks in but not the bike ride.

3)  Finish up my LAST week of P90x!  YAY!!!  –  Will post pictures when complete – Complete.  I will be working on the blog post for that this week.

4)  Drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water DAILY. – Didn’t get this one done.  I slacked off, will be working on that this week!

5) Blog AT LEAST 3 times. – I got two times in.  Will work more on this.

6)  Pick up my new book, Racing Weight, and learn something new from it (challenge goal). – Didn’t happen.  My husband was busy with work this week, so I had lots of productive “mommy” time though!

7)  Enjoy my weekend with my family and friends.  AND I get to see my MOMMA!!! <3 – COMPLETE!


And now for the PROJECTION part:

1)  Run AT LEAST 4 times.

2)  Take AT LEAST 1 bike ride and 3 walks with the family.

3)  Stay on schedule for the rest of the week for my Les Mills Combat program.

4)  Help my friend, Jennifer have a FUN!, first 5k on Saturday and help her accomplish her goal of running the WHOLE thing.

5)  Blog AT LEAST 3 times.

6)  Continue reading my new book “The Compound Effect” and learn something new from it (Challenge Goal).

7)  Enjoy a trip to the Tulsa State Fair this week.