Dear Former Gym Teacher

Dear Former Gym Teacher,

So on Sunday, I set out for my scheduled long run.  It started out rough as it was staying darker longer and I was trying to get out earlier to beat the heat.  Well after about 30 minutes of tossing and turning and fighting those inner demons in my head, I managed to pull myself out of bed and get ready.

As usual when it comes to my long runs, I tossed around different routes in my head and which way did I want to go today.  Down the paved trail where I would find rolling hill after rolling hill, or did I want to go through the park, where it was mostly flat, however I would have to circle passed my parked car at some point?  I ended up choosing the paved trail so I wouldn’t have to go passed my parked car and be tempted to call it good.

I’m sure dear former gym teacher, you would be so proud, I chose to go the path less traveled and “most difficult” in my mind.  So my run started out like any of my other runs despite the fact that it was already warm and a little too balmy outside.

Dear former gym teacher, you have to understand that on my long runs, my thoughts range greatly.  Most of the time, it is with great ideas and things I want to do.  Today it was a little different.  My thoughts went “dark” so to speak.  No I was not running in the dark for those that thought that.  I started thinking about growing up and being that “fat kid.”  I mean come on, I weighed 186 lbs in 6th grade (and you know, I haven’t even ever told my husband this).  I started thinking about when I did I start to feel self-conscious about myself and about my abilities or lack of abilities rather when it came to team sports and physical activity. When do I recall that I started to hate gym and physical activity?  I plodded along thinking and thinking and thinking.

It was you that made me learn to hate it and to dislike myself.  It was you that made me feel inadvertently self-conscious about myself and my body, even after I later on, became an athlete.  Definitely not a choice I made due to any encouragement from you that’s for sure.

I tracked it down to one particular instance.  ONE.  It only takes on time right?  This is it.

I headed to gym like any other day dear former gym teacher with my class and after our daily warm ups, we were instructed to go out and run two laps around the cinder track.  TWO.  For some, this may not seem like much, but for the 186lb 6th grader, who wore a size 20, this was a lot.  Yes, I get that your job is to instill good health, nutrition and fitness in our youngsters, but how you went about it in my case, was NOT helpful

So I remember taking off running to keep up with my classmates, because that’s what all kids do right?  Well about a quarter of the way around lap one, I, gasping for air had to stop and walk.  I felt defeated but I was determined to keep going, I remember thinking I could walk a bit then start running again.  I never saw myself different from others before, until this day.  So there I was having to stop and walk because I was gasping for air, when I heard you yell out my name along with a few others and sent us to time out by the football field posts.  Coming from the kid that had never gotten in trouble at school, to being reprimanded (in my mind), because I was too fat and couldn’t run 1/2 a mile without having to stop to walk like all of the other kids and your football players.  Really?  Did you try to come out and run with me, to ENCOURAGE me to keep going?  No.  Instead I had to sit there in time out, while other kids ran passed me, laughing, giving me “those” looks.  Yeah I knew they were talking about me (or at least in my mind with their actions they were)  I never held it against them, only you.  You were the one that called me out.  The shy and quiet kid.

Here, you put me in time out and I was sent home with a letter to my parents telling them all about it (and in my mind that your child is overweight and not good enough).  I dreaded having to take that letter home.  I was devastated and upset.  I was furious and in tears.  I remember handing that letter to my mom at bedtime and crying (yet again).  I had went all day postponing the inevitable task of announcing my sorryness as a child.  I remember my mom reading it and not saying a word.  She didn’t get mad at me.  She simply signed the paper and hugged me.  She loved me no matter what.  You on the other hand, dear former gym teacher, did not.

Not only did I have to bring that ridiculous piece of paper back to you signed, but I was reprimanded and had to run that 1/2 mile again WITHOUT walking while the other kids did something else.  I remember taking off on that nasty looking, old, beat up cinder track and running, slow this time, because I wasn’t having to “keep up” with anyone.  I cried the entire way around those two laps (without stopping yes).  I was gasping for air, my legs and knees hurt, my lungs and throat burned, face red I’m sure, but yes I did it.  Not because you had motivated me or encouraged me dear former gym teacher, but because I was FURIOUS and because if I didn’t make it, I would have to do it again another day.   I.  Hated.  You.

The time when I needed some encouragement and someone to SHOW me how to be healthy, you did not do that.  Instead you reprimanded me for something I couldn’t do.  I hated gym ever since.  Did you ever think to look that at home what I was dealing with?  The fact that my dad suffered from diabetes and was going on kidney dialysis?  The fact that I needed some guidance but my parents had too much going on with my dad’s health to help me.  Did you think about the long-term effects your choice of “fixing” the problem would do?  Did you think about how the kids would treat or see me after that?  Did you think about the fact that I needed help, and not being put in timeout?  Did you even know I was shy and quiet?  I got my feelings hurt easily back then?  Did you know because of you, I became aware of the fact that my dad was ashamed of my size?  No….

I.  Hated.  You.  It wasn’t for you that’s for sure, that I chose to go out for volleyball.  It was because of you that after middle school volleyball, I didn’t try out for high school volleyball, simply because there was a timed mile run and because of you, I was afraid.  Afraid of running.  Afraid of failure.  Afraid of being made fun of even despite the fact that I had a wonderful volleyball coach in middle school that encouraged me and knew I would try my best even when I made mistake after mistake and would have to run laps on the bleachers.  He saw that I would try even when I struggled.  I kept trying because he did not reprimand me and put me in time out.

It’s not because of you that I excelled at tennis during high school.  Instead, I had an amazing coach that made it fun and turned it into a game.  A coach that was patient and encouraging.  Not one to point out that I was still bigger than all of my friends, one that pointed out all of my strengths and what I had going for me.

It’s not because of you, that I later became a long distance runner and to this day have run numerous 5ks, six half marathons and one full marathon .  It’s.  Not.  Because.  Of.  You.

It’s because of you, that I was ashamed of myself growing up and afraid to go to gym.  I dreaded going to gym every day.  Even in high school when you were no longer my gym teacher.  The seed was planted.  I recall loving to play kick ball in grade school, but after THAT day in 6th grade.  No longer did I want to play any team sports or go to gym.

Dear former gym teacher, I hope that one day that this finds its way to you and that you take the time to read this and know, that’s it’s NOT due to you that I have learned to love running finally.  It was all of those other people and coaches in my life that encouraged me.  Please don’t take credit for something you didn’t do.  I no longer hate you, don’t get me wrong, but I still don’t like you.  There are far better ways to get someone to accomplish something especially a young mind, which you were put in charge of on a daily basis.  Life isn’t fair and kids are mean, I fully know this, BUT you are a teacher.  You were put in your job to help encourage young minds and shape them. You are put there to TEACH them.  Teach them to love themselves and each other, not to hate themselves and what they are.  Dear former gym teacher, I hope this finds its way to you and you learn that “tough love” doesn’t work all of the time.  Being a therapist, I know all about “tough love.”  It has a time and a place, once you get to know the person’s personality and if it’s appropriate for them.  Tough love isn’t for everyone.  Sometimes it can be more damaging than anything else.

Dear former gym teacher, it is because of you, I shed tears on Sunday’s run.  I shed tears because I recall how I felt just like it was yesterday.  I shed tears because I let you get to me like that.  I shed tears for all of the inner turmoil you caused throughout those years.

I have changed greatly since then.  I am no longer that shy and quiet kid.  I am a grown woman with kids of my own now and I will not let a teacher like you, do what you did, to my kids.  I am stronger and tougher than I used to be.  I am proud of what I have accomplished, all despite what you helped instill in me.  I am strong.  I am happy once again.  I run for myself.  I run for others.  I run to SHOW others that they can do anything they want to.  I, a former 186lb “fat kid,” am a MOTHERFREAKING.  RUNNER.  No thanks to you.

Warrior Dash both

2014-05-09 19.56.26

2014-04-27 08.13.28IMG_4549


Your former fat student

Rooster Day Run 15k

So I started this post back on the day of my race and then got sidetracked with other things, typically my full-time job and my family and basically not having enough hours in my day to do everything that I need and want to.  I think that is life in general though, don’t you agree?

So my race went better than I actually expected.  My unspoken goal was 90 minutes as I have only ever done one other 15k and it was while I was training for something else, so I was much better conditioned then I was coming into this.

This race actually took place on my “turf” if you want to call it that.  I always run out along this route.  Always some hill work involved and some good flat areas as well.  Plus not to mention I love the scenery!

So the race had a fairly late start compared to most races with a gun time of 8:30 am, which I think is mainly in part due to the fact this IS a family friendly race which I love.  I got to sleep in compared to most other races and get up at 7 am.  I had my usual whole wheat toast with PB, half of a banana and some honey.  This works perfect for me.  I good amount of complex carbs, protein and easy energy with the banana and honey.  Once I had my breakfast and got dressed, I headed to the race venue.  One of my favorite things to watch is the fun run.  I love being able to watch the kids and families take part in a healthy lifestyle together.  Plus I love watching the competitiveness of the little ones!  They melt my heart!

2015-05-02 08.10.12

2015-05-02 08.10.50

2015-05-02 08.12.47


After the fun run got underway, they got set up for the 5k and the 15k.  We were both starting together, which I kept having to remind myself in the beginning to pull back on the reigns as I kept wanting to stay up with those doing the 15k.  We looped around the park and then headed out towards NSU college grounds, which are absolutely gorgeous!  Somewhere around the NSU grounds is when a man came up and introduced himself as Mike.

I absolutely love the running community for the simple fact that everyone is typically friendly and will come up and just start talking.  This was Mike’s first run since his half marathon over a year ago.  His goal was under 90 minutes as well.  We chit chatted most of the way about our spouse’s and our kids and our “why” for running.  It’s so neat hearing everyone’s reason.  Along the way, he kept pointing out all of his B.A. Runner friends and even pointed out one that said he would give him $20 if he could pass him somewhere along the way.  Mike just chuckled and said he had to do this.  GAME ON!  Once we got onto the actual trail system where the hills start to take over, this is where I just look down and running becomes mechanical for me.  Right before the first big hill, we manage to come up to the gentleman that Mike said he had to pass.  Needless to say we did!

Hills are not enjoyable, but yet I find myself easily getting into a steady rhythm and pushing forward.  I began to pull away from Mike and he told me not to wait up and that he was going “to cry like a little girl up this hill.”  HA!  I just had to chuckle to myself and kept going.  Somewhere along the way after that first hill, Mike caught back up to me for a little bit before his running watched beeped at him, letting him know that his heart rate was too high so he kind of pulled back some.  We still have a few miles to go, so I pulled back some too as the sun was taking its toll on me and starting to get a little warm.  

I kept drinking more and more of my water and was getting towards the bottom of my bottle.  As we started up some more of the smaller hills, Mike slowed down and I just pushed forward.  The last mile was rough as you could see the finish line the whole way.  It was just pure torture as it was too hot for me at this point.

I felt like the ending was rather uneventful as I had pushed myself enough during the whole course that I had no umph to finish it off with.  I was happy to see though that I had beat my goal and even set an PR for my 15k time!

Another great year for the Rooster Day run!

Running SUCKS….

but most days I love it!

Today I had someone ask me why do I like running so much.  My answer to them was this, “I don’t always like it.  Some days it just plain sucks for a lack of a better term.”

Today I woke up and did NOT want to get out of bed.  I had been dealing with a mouthy daughter the night before which had put me in a foul mood and the “hangover” if you want to call it that, carried over into today.  I hate waking up in a bad mood.  I am normally a very happy person, but her attitude the last few days had just been taking its toll on my mood and stress level.  I forced myself out of bed, as I had laid all my running attire out the night before so there were no excuses.  I got up and got dressed and forced myself out the door.  I got to my normal running locale and sat in my car, fiddling with my phone.  I didn’t want to go.   I got my music ready and stepped out.  It was a little chilly but not too bad.  I got my Garmin set and set out on my merry (or foul rather in this case), little way.  I felt heavy and sluggish from the bottled in stress and emotions.  My right hip was tight and protested slightly going up the hills.  About a mile into my run I came across the top of my first hill and it was here that I felt the heaviness lift.  My hip felt slightly better, my jaw relaxed and I kept plugging away, still thinking “I have one more mile to go before I can turn around…”  Just before 1.5 miles in, as I was coming down a long hill, I felt the rest of the tension ease and I started looking at all the things on my run like I normally do.  The crisp air, the dew that had collected on my shirt sleeves as I went, the dew on the grass leaves, the smell of the nearby houses with their fireplaces going.  It felt great.

Once I got to my turn around area, I thought to myself “Okay!  I’m half way, this should be easier now.”  However, part of my last half of my run is the uphill part of that long downhill where I felt all that release maybe 5 minutes earlier.  It is a slow gradual incline that is at least a 1/2 mile long.  It’s rough.  My neighbor calls it “Million Dollar Hill.”  Most of the time you see people walking up this bad boy or pushing their bike, however I run it several times a week, today I felt like throwing in the towel.  I wanted to stop and walk so bad, however my heart said “keep going!  You will kick this hill’s ass!”  My heart rate was climbing as I sped up this mountain, topping out at 184 bpm, however the downhill side of this thing feels so sweet after that slow, steady climb.  I knew once I conquered that beast, it was all downhill from there and I was right.  My pace quickened for the rest of my route.  I felt energy surge through me and pushed the pace even more.  All of my happy music seemed to be popping up from this point on.

Once I got back to my car, I felt relieved and so much better and was glad I made myself get out and get that run in.  Running is therapy to me.  Exercise is therapy to me.  It’s the natural mood enhancer that so many people are missing in their lives.  I wish after a good run or a good race, I could just break off a little bit of what I’m feeling and give it those that have ever doubted me and why I enjoy it so much.  I wish I could make them feel the sense of accomplishment and pride that I feel when I have done something I never thought I could do.  It’s not a race against others.  It’s a race against yourself and what you thought you couldn’t do and what you couldn’t do yesterday.  Everyday I am changing, little bit, by little bit, making myself stronger:  mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

When I look back at my life, I want to be able to say I was a good mother and wife first off, but determined and driven as well.  Running and exercise provides me with all that.  It is my stress reliever and it is my joy, but it also plain sucks some days.

Playing catch up and ramblings

2013-11-23 16.36.06


So today I finally have some quiet time to sit and think before the hustle and bustle of the holidays start.  I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in less than 5 days!   That means it’s almost my birthday AND it’s less than one month til Christmas!  This time of the year just flies for me.  This is my favorite time of the year though.  I love all the decorations and being with family.  It is truly a blessing every year that we get to spend together.

So not too long ago I posted on my Facebook page a question, asking people what they would like to read about to get ideas for my blog.  Everytime I get quiet time to sit down and write, it feels like I get “writer’s block” and my mind goes blank!  Yet when it’s crazy and chaotic I have all these ramblings in my head.  Go figure!  So one of the things someone brought up was running.  Not just the usual “how do I start running…,”  “why do you like running…” and etc.  They asked about specifically about my longs runs.  How do I get through the monotony of it?

Well to answer this question for the most part, I honestly enjoy my long runs.  Don’t get me wrong, I used to HATE them, dread them, and even resented them!  However I found a cure to it earlier this year.  For nearly 12 years I ran solely on a treadmill, or rather a “dreadmill” as I call it.  The only time I ran off of it was when I ran races.  Even the treadmills at the gym that have the fancy, smancy T.Vs on them I loathed!  It wasn’t until earlier this year and the beginning of last year that I learned to actually love my long runs.  For years, all I ever ran were 5ks, but this time last year my neighbor/friend talked me into training for a half marathon.  I signed up with a training group with her to run the Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon.  It was truly a blessing in disguise.  I had learned some tips on running through my years of it before that, but it wasn’t until I went through the training group that I actually learned a LOT of stuff about running.  It was actually very informative even though it was mainly set up to give us a group to run with on the long run days.  Yes in the beginning as I transitioned from treadmill running to outdoor running, it was nice to have a group to run with.  I still enjoy having a running partner, that you run similar paces with and can chat with along the way.  However I find running by myself enjoyable too.  For the most part all my running is by myself.  I have little kids (if you haven’t heard this yet), and they or someone else is always wanting my attention, so to have time for myself, alone time to think, is kind of rare!  Running outdoors with just myself and my music is truly a joy.  I don’t have to worry about anyone for that hour or more that I have to enjoy.  I get to have complete thoughts without them getting interrupted.  I get to complete a task without having to stop and do 10 other things in the process.  It let’s me regain my sanity and clear my frustrations and energy levels.  At the gym I didn’t get this, I stared at the timer on the treadmill constantly, wondering when my time or distance would be up.  I would count down the seconds as they ticked by.  I tried to cover up the timer so I wouldn’t look at it, but it would never help.  Getting out and actually running outdoors was a blessing!  To get to see outdoors and places that you drive by every day in a different light is amazing.  Near my house we have paved trails and I always enjoy the people who I pass or encounter, no words are spoken or exchanged other than “Hi!” or a smile and a wave.   It’s almost like it is my time to meditate and reflect.  My husband has his storm chasing as an outlet, I have my running!

On the longer run days, meaning for me, 10+ miles, I have my moments when I have to turn my thoughts elsewhere when my body starts to tighten up and things start to ache.  It is amazing at how much sooner your mind gives out before your body does!  I look at things around me, the cows, the horses, just items around me.  I think about  my groups and things I want to accomplish, my goals, the people I help, my family and friends.  I think about the people I help on a daily basis with work that aren’t physically able to do this, that experience far worse pain then I am at that moment that push through it.  I keep running because there are so many people in this world that can’t.  I keep running because there are people with far worse things going on that keep them from running.  I run because it releases any stress I have and because I know at the end of it, I will feel like I can conquer the world.  The act of running is very monotonous, however when you look at all the things it does for you and how it makes you feel, it is not.  Yes there are days that it feels like a chore or like I am dying, but I look at aspects of it and the circumstances.  Am I tired?  Has it been awhile since I have ran?  Did I start out too fast?  Is it windy?  What is the temperature out?  Am I overdressed?  There are so many different aspects to running that you have to take into consideration.

Anyone that isn’t used to exercising and starts running, yes you will feel like you are dying and thing that running is monotonous, however don’t give it up, give it some time.  It never gets easier, BUT you WILL get better.

Weekly Chase #15




1)  Run at LEAST 3 times. – DONE!

2)  Continue to log my walks with my family and water intake DAILY. – I got 2 walks in with the family and only tracked water intake about 50% of the time.   Need to do better on this.

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise. –  Yes for the most part.  Only one day was off and it was the day I got my run in early in the morning then Sofie decided she wanted to go for a run that evening.

4)  Continue to eat healthy and help my husband stay focused on his weight loss. – YES!!  He has lost 11lbs in 2 weeks!  

5)  Finalize my next 30 day group and start planning for New Year’s group. – DONE!

6)  Try to finish The Compound Effect (book I’m reading) – Touched it once. 🙁



1)  Run at LEAST 3 times.

2)  Log walks and water intake DAILY/CONSISTENTLY.

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise this week.

4)  Continue to eat healthy and help my husband.

5)  Prep for final group of the year and prepare for New Year’s.

6)  Start planning for Thanksgiving at our house

7)  Enjoy the company of our friends this weekend!

Weekly Chase #14

So how was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was relaxing and uneventful for a change!  Much needed to say the least!  We hung around the house for the most part.  Did do a few mundane things.  My family surprised me with an early birthday present that I had been wanting!  A Polar FT4 heart rate monitor!  They are by far the best.  Not because they get me presents, because they KNOW me and what I like.

2013-11-02 16.17.19


The kids had a great weekend too.  My daughter got to play with her friends and enjoy the beautiful weather.  They had plenty of leaves to rake up and try to create a pile to play in.  We got the Halloween decorations down and started putting up Thanksgiving ones.  My son absolutely LOVES the inflatables and has to go out every single day to see it and gets so stinkin’ excited when he sees it.  It’s so cute!  He also has decided to take on Daddy’s role.  I think he has some pretty big shoes to fill!  What do you think?  <3

2013-11-02 19.02.13


So now it’s time for the Weekly Chase!  I hope this inspires others how important it is to set goals as well.




1)  Run at LEAST 3 times. – Managed to get 2 runs in.  I was a little more fatigued this week after my 15k

2)  Log my family walks AND water intake DAILY. – COMPLETE!  

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise and recover from my 15k. – Other then getting my runs in like I was wanting, I DID manage to stay on schedule.

4)  Get signed up for my Turkey Trot with my friend Jennifer and possibly my daughter. – DONE!

5) Prepare for my next 30 day group. – DONE!

6)  Keep up the blogging!  Blog at LEAST 3 times between Tuesday and Sunday – DONE!



1)  Run at LEAST 3 times.

2)  Continue to log my walks with my family and water intake DAILY.

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise.

4)  Continue to eat healthy and help my husband stay focused on his weight loss.

5)  Finalize my next 30 day group and start planning for New Year’s group.

6)  Try to finish The Compound Effect (book I’m reading)


What are your goals for the week?


Tulsa Run 15k Recap

So my morning started out at 7 am.  The race didn’t start til 9 am thankfully with it being such a cool and overcast, breezy day.  Luckily the rain held off til a little later, even though we really didn’t get all that much.  Since it was only me going to this race, I didn’t have to worry about whether anyone else was ready or not.  This happen to be my first race with no running partner.  This aspect of it made me slightly nervous as on my longer races I have always had a partner to help distract me, so I was unsure of what to expect from myself as then I tend to get lost in my music and having to watch my pace a little more.   On shorter runs, I’m not all that worried about maintaining a certain pace, however at 9.3 miles, that is starting to stretch it a little bit.

So my morning started out as to be expected, woke up at 7 am on the dot.  Didn’t sleep all that well towards the end of it, but that is normal.  I usually have to take Tylenol PM to help me get to sleep due to pre race jitters and excitement.  I had already laid out my running attire the night before as it was supposed to be fairly chilly but not too bad.

2013-10-26 07.12.28 2013-10-26 07.12.40


Ate my usual pre-race breakfast of a slice of Sprout’s Oat Bran toast with a tablespoon of Natural Peanut Butter, half of a banana sliced up and a little bit of honey drizzled on it.  Oh and can’t forget the half a cup of coffee to get me woke up!  I MUST have my morning coffee.  It’s my one vice, well other than Shakeology!  So after it was all together I slowly sipped my coffee on my way to the race that was downtown Tulsa, about 20 minutes away from my house.  I found fairly close parking, only two blocks away.  I figured it would be a lot further since this is one of the biggest races in Oklahoma.  I got there about 8 am and sat in my car getting all my gear together.  I usually run distances longer than 7 miles with my water belt and decided at the last-minute to take some Chomps with me.  I hadn’t needed them on any of the training runs, but I figured I would rather be safe then sorry when it came to needing/wanting them.  Normally I start out my longer runs with a GU packet, however I hadn’t picked any up and to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of them purely due to texture.

So about 8:15 am I decided to make my way out of the car and try to track down the bathrooms before having to get ready.  I immediately stepped out of my car and gust of wind caught me by surprise.  BRRR!!  It was COLD with the wind.  I debated on taking my fleece pull over or leaving it in my car.  I ended up leaving it in my car because I figured once I got to running I would warm up quickly.  The hardest part about racing is the “down” time and waiting til the corral you up to start.  At the Tulsa Run they had a 2k, a 5k and a 15k, plus a USATF masters devision.  I thought it was neat that they were also honoring the runners who had run in ALL previous Tulsa Runs!  35 years of running in the same race!  Simply AMAZING!

So the race got under way, they didn’t really have it zoned off like some races do according to pace groups.  My goal was 93-95 minutes, so I just happened to situate myself a head of the 1:30 minute pace group as it was fairly large.  So once the gun went off and everyone set out, I immediately began telling myself to slow down.  It’s so hard in the beginning as so many people have the mind-set of getting out of the corral and going as fast as they can.  People just kept passing me left and right, however I just kept focusing on my breathing and kept myself from looking at the time/pace until a mile into it.  Once I hit a mile did I finally hear the Nike + app voice tell me that my pace was 9:13 per mile. WHOA!  I forced myself to slow down, which was hard to do as people are just passing you left and right.  I knew if I kept that up I would crash.  I am the type of runner though that starts out slow and then progressively gets faster.  So since I knew I would be running by myself I purposefully set my play list up on my iPhone with more upbeat songs.  Every mile, the voice kept coming back to me telling me my pace and then I would push myself to slow back down.  I hadn’t thought of the fact that with all the upbeat songs I had chosen for my playlist that they would also keep pushing my pace faster and faster as I kept forcing myself to slow down.

Just before the turn around point at about mile 4 and I was still hanging in there pace wise between 9:15 and 9:35 that I would just let myself do what felt comfortable.  I had been running that pace consistently through those 4 miles and felt pretty good.  Breathing was good, no sign of fatigue, so I just kept it up. At the turn around mark when I still felt great, I figured since my pace was quicker then I had originally planned and been training for I better go ahead and eat some Chomps so I wouldn’t crash.  Ingested my usual 3 and plenty of Gatorade to wash it down and continued on my way.  About 7 miles into the race I took in another 3 Chomps and Gatorade and could finally feel the start of fatigue in my hips and right side of my neck and into my shoulder.  Made the mental note to start work on relaxing my upper body more, however kept pushing on.  From about mile 8-9 it was pretty much all uphill to some degree.  After about half way through mile 8 and 9, I really felt the fatigue start to set in and tuned into my heart rate as the wind had picked up as well at this point.  It started to level off at mile 9, however the wind was still there.  It was at this point though that making my way up the hill that all those people who had passed me in the beginning were walking now and I was passing them going up this hill.  After my half marathon training earlier this year that was something I loved incorporating into my training runs were hills.  It’s such a huge surge to pass people up hills when they are walking them and panting.  Once I topped the hill and it leveled out and I could see the finish line my pace started naturally picking up.  Even though you are ragged and worn out, it is an adrenaline rush, even emotionally.  Something that you remember never thinking you would do and you are doing it!  Incredible!

So I finished my first Tulsa Run 15k with the official time of 1:29:23.  Nearly 4 minutes faster than my goal time!  Needless to say I was pretty darn happy and my muscle soreness really wasn’t as bad as I remember it being with the half marathon earlier in the year.  After the long races, you make your way through a “buffet” almost of post race foods, such as half bananas, bagels, water and sports drinks.  I grabbed a quarter bagel and a half banana.  I was standing there with my banana peeled, eating my bagel and drinking some water when this little Penguin came up and began snacking on my banana.

2013-10-26 10.37.11

2013-10-26 10.37.27


Luckily he was a cute thief though so he was spared.  His owner apologized and offered to go get another banana for me at least.

Weekly Chase #8

It’s time for another Weekly Chase so that only means one thing!  It’s Monday!  I secretly love Mondays.  I absolutely LOVE making goals and seeing if I can squash them by next Monday.  Don’t you?  For once we had a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend at home with absolutely NOTHING to do!  Saturday was my husband’s birthday.  He is getting old he says (psst….he just turned 31!  That isn’t old right?!?  You better say no because I’m 31 already 😛 )

So what did the birthday boy ask for on his 31st birthday you may ask?  Why a….

helia RC Helicopter of course!  The one he had wasn’t good enough I guess so he had to upgrade.  So now my 7 year old daughter has claimed the older one.  You should have seen them out tonight.  He was learning to fly the new ‘copter while she was working on the older (less complicated one!)  I’m sure our new neighbors were entertained!  Good thing the new neighbor mowing her yard didn’t have to dodge Helicopters at any point during her yard work adventure!

I managed to get two runs with my neighbor and even got my little bear cub on a run too!

2013-09-07 09.46.43


Speaking of my little bear cub, look who is a BIG BOY tonight and eating at the dinner table with the family!

2013-09-09 19.14.07


So it’s a new week and that means NEW goals!  I’m so excited!  Time for this week’s Weekly Chase!  I hope you will join us and link up!



Also since it’s a new month, there is a new monthly challenge.  It’s back to school time so Molly wants us all to learn something new or do something new each week.




Here are my goals from last week and my results from them.

1)  Run at LEAST 4 times.  –  Yes!  I actually ran 5 times!  YAY!!!

2)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts.  – I missed 2 workouts, but I at least worked out EVERY day last week so I didn’t get down on myself too badly for missing this one.

3) Take at LEAST 3 walks with my family.  – YES!  My son, I think actually has gotten used to these nightly walks after dinner because than he knows it’s bed time!

4) Drink at LEAST 60 oz of water daily.  –  I almost got this one.  There was one day where I was short and just couldn’t get anymore in me.

5)  Detoxing from junk food from this week after having cake for my husband’s birthday.  – NO!  We had MORE cake.  Since when do we get a week long birthday celebrations?!?!  🙂


Here are my goals for THIS week.   Keeping on the same page for the most part to develop consistency.

1)  Run AT LEAST 4 times.

2)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts.

3)  Take AT LEAST 3 walks with my family.

4)  Drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water DAIY.

5)  Detox from the cake and salt this past week.

6) Complete all my posting nightly.

7)  Blog AT LEAST 3 times.

8)  Pick up my new book, Racing Weight, and learn something new from it (challenge goal).

QOTD:  What are some of your goals this week?


Weekly Chase #3

The-Weekly-Chase-BadgeLast weeks recap:

1)  Again, complete ALL of my P90x workouts.  I didn’t make this one.  Last week got busy with work, the kids (as my husband was working more), and life.  Will try harder this next week!

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs.  I got 3 runs in!  Totally 13 miles.  Better than nothing than!

3)  Take at LEAST 3 walks with my family.  In hopes of getting my husband going again on this one!  DONE!!! YAY!!!!

4)  Start a 30 plank challenge today.  DONE!!! YAY!!!


THIS weeks goals:

1)  Continue with my 30 day plank challenge!

30 day plank my own


2)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts:

3)  Log at LEAST 4 runs!  Will have one on Saturday for sure!  Diva Dash 5k with my sister in law!!! <3 Goal is 30-31 minutes (of course this will depend on the humidity Saturday morning I know!)

4)  Take at LEAST 3 walks with my family.

5)  Work on getting my daughter back in a school schedule.

6)  Get my house cleaned and laundry finished before the weekend.

7)  Enjoy my weekend with my husband!!


Since it is August…it’s time for a new challenge! This month’s challenge is geared around Back to School. For some of you I know that time is in September but in my part of the world that time is now. This month I want you to think of one thing in your life that you used to do and wish you were still doing. Maybe you used to exercise 4 days a week. Maybe you used to cook more meals for your family. Whatever it is…this month let’s Get Back To It!

AND my #8 goal of the new challenge:  Read a book to my kids every night!  Miss our story times!  <3

Weekly Chase #2

So after my first weekly chase, I have done fairly decent in my opinion.

Last weeks goals:

1)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts…meaning, yes….even Yoga!!  This includes doing all my Ab ripper X too!  – I missed the Yoga and my favorite Kenpo.  I DID however get all of my Ab Ripper X in there though!  

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs. – I logged 3 runs.  Weather was up and down all last week. Lots of storms!

3)  Be a positive role model for everyone in my 7 Day JumpStart Challenge group.  – I would like to think I was.  I am a firm believer in leading by example, so unless I did something I was unaware of I will say this one was done! 🙂

4)  Take at least 3 walks with my family. – COMPLETED!!!

5)  Ensure that my friend Jennifer has a successful Thirty One party hosted by ME!  (AHHH!!!!)  – Well I had people show up and got several orders.  My “toy store” was contained with my kids, so I will say this one was a success too!


Now on to THIS weeks goals!:

1)  Again, complete ALL of my P90x workouts.

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs.

3)  Take at LEAST 3 walks with my family.  In hopes of getting my husband going again on this one!

4)  Start a 30 plank challenge today.