The Reality of Motherhood

So it has yet again, been awhile.  I set the goal to work more on my blog and within the first few days, your goal disintegrates.  POOF!  Just like that!  Just like trying to lose those “last 10lbs.”  Hmm….funny how that happens huh?

I’m sure every single one of you has had that happen.  Not the need of trying to lose those last 10 lbs, but starting something with the best of intentions and then life happens, you get sidetracked, you forget, you lose focus.  Whatever it maybe.  It just doesn’t become high on the priority list, especially when you have kids.

I mean with a ten-year old and a four-year old, who has time to think most of the time, let alone put it into words.  By the time I get them in bed and it’s quiet, I want to crash in bed.  Just ask my husband!  “Alone time” with my husband?  After the kids have gone to bed?  You mean I have to be sexy?!  What the what??!  HA!  Just give me my blankie and pillow!  Yes I am aware my husband may or may not read this and will probably be shaking his head, but I’m just being real here and I know I’m not the only one out there.  It’s not that we don’t want that time with them, but we do sooo much for our families, that when it’s time to crash, we just crash!



Am I right or am I RIGHT?!?!

Who knew as a mother AND a wife so much of our time would be dictated by others? Nothing was ever mentioned about this in a book, in that Young World class that Mrs. Lesser (and we, as a class, had so much fun with her!), or for Heaven’s sake by our OWN mothers?  MA?!?!  Come on!  You were holding out on me!  Oh wait I know why!  Because we want revenge on our own kids!  AH HA!  I figured it out!

Heck I tell my own daughter, if she doesn’t have kids when she gets older, I will adopt some for her!  You know, just like you do animals!  Go down to the pound and pick out the right one!  That’s how it works right?!?  I mean it’s all about attempting to raise your kids right, not screw them up, teach them to be strong, independent individuals that are kind souls, do right in the world and help others as they can right?!  What’s a little payback to them for all that they “put us” through?!  Hardy Har Har!  Okay, seriously though I’m JUST KIDDING!  I know that’s not how one goes about it, and I know that kids aren’t for everyone, but I have to laugh and say what I know some of you are thinking.

Okay, so back where I started.  Got sidetracked again.  SQUIRREL!  HA!

So as busy mothers, we try to take on more tasks, or get this brilliant idea that we are going to do something new in our lives for US, but how do we fit that in?   How do we find the time to take care of those tiny little humans that we created, care and show affection to the love of our lives and then of course still take care of those furbabies that have been added to the family over the years that those little humans promised to feed and water so that “you don’t have to,” PLUS take care of the house and (GASP!), try to work outside of the home?!  Oh Lordy!  I mean come on those tiny little humans and the spouse want to eat every. Single. Night!  COME ON!  That’s a lot of commitment dude!

So where in all of that do we find time for ourselves and still manage to survive the day without taking someone’s head off?!  I mean it’s no wonder that one in FOUR middle-aged women take a prescription med for mental health!  (You can check out the article here.)  Oh yeah….we get up at the butt crack of dawn or we stay up til the butt crack of dawn.  Take your pick.  One or the other!  Or both, I mean who needs sleep anyway right?  Sleep is overrated anyway right?!?

This is where I take advantage of early mornings.  I get up, exercise and then head out to my oasis and get to work.

2016-07-09 08.41.26


I mean what mother doesn’t have SIPPY CUPS in their oasis?!  Or is littered with toys?!  It’s amazing at how much stuff I can get accomplished though at 6 am!  The world is yet to awaken (or at least at my house, husband, kids, OR animals for that matter), I mean I get out to my usual running location on my run days and the parking lot is filled right now with those bikers and fellow runners who are out trying beat the heat and humidity here in good ol’ Oklahoma.

I am the first one to tell you I am NOT a morning person.  I am not a night owl either.  I like my uninterrupted sleep of 8 hours just like everyone else, but let’s face it, once you become a mother, that doesn’t happen regularly!  Some nights its 4-5 hours of sleep, occasionally it’s 9 hours of sleep, but on average it’s more like 6-7 hours of sleep and then I’m doing good.  I don’t know what your average is, but that’s mine at least.  I would rather sacrifice a little bit of sleep and feel good about myself, all while feeling accomplished in my day.

Despite all the time though that I put into my family and making sure they are all happy and healthy, I seriously love them to pieces and wouldn’t trade them for the world.  They keep me sane (and drive me insane some days!) and grounded and love me regardless.

family time


What do you Super Moms do to make it through your day?


I want to know!

Kim 🙂




I think I disappeared!

Wow!  Has it really been almost 3 months since I have posted?!!? HOLY COW!  Who knew taking a new job would suddenly render me out of commission on blogging.  Who knew that by adding ONE MORE hour to a normal work day, would leave someone so utterly tired with feet KILLING me that I would only come home, eat dinner with the family and zonk out as soon as the kids were in bed only to wake up and do it the very next day.

So if you remember from my last post back in February that I had taken a new job at an outpatient clinic.  Enjoyed it for the most part except the long days and the constant running around the clinic (I averaged over 10,000 steps a day just at the clinic alone!).  My husband was able to make his work schedule fit our family’s needs, however it grew to be more and more difficult.  He ended up losing his co-worker and friend at the end of February and life became chaotic from then on.  He would have to get up at the crack of dawn to get started so that in hopes our son wouldn’t have to spend the entire day at the sitter, however it didn’t always work out.  An overnight out-of-state trip here, several long, trying days there, selling a house, a week-long move since I was unable to take days off, potty training, and getting acclimated to a new house with a 8-year-old and a 2-year-old and completely new hours for school and work ALL while trying to learn a new job, someone just had another plan for our family.  We can say we tried, however it was just not meant to be.  So beginning May 11th, I am going back to my old job, so that I may have the flexibility in my schedule that my family needs.  No longer will I have to try to wake my cranky (now 3-year-old) up at the crack of dawn and get him up and functioning, fed, dressed and out the door, while dropping both him and my daughter off at school because she can no longer ride the bus from our new neighborhood.  No longer will I come home about 6:15 to find that my husband was doing his best to throw a meal together so that I wouldn’t have to do that after a 9+ hour day.  No longer will this momma only exist to her family, but she will be back on her feet (without them hurting or the sharp, shooting pains that come from the uncomfortable shoes I had to wear), enjoying time once again with her husband and kids like she should be.


Life isn’t all about making the money in life.  Life is about making ends meet and enjoying what you have in front of you.  As I eagerly count the days until my return back to my previous work family (whom I GREATLY missed), I will enjoy what I have learned thus far at my new job, be thankful for the new bonds I have formed  and the people who I have met, however my first priority is my family at home.  Our happiness and health is most important.


What have YOU been up to lately?

Fantastic Friday Edition #1

So it’s November 1st and I’m sure by now you all know how much I love the start of a new month and a fresh calendar! A new month for me is a time to reflect on the past month and plan/set goals for a new month.

I would say we had a fun month both family and fitness related. I ran with a friend of mine in her first ever 5k, and just yesterday we signed up for her second, the Tulsa Turkey Trot the day after Thanksgiving. All together for my training this month in preparation for my 15k just last week, I ran a total of 47.6 miles. I need to get back to it since I have kind of taken this week off for the most part from running. I have kept up fairly well with my Les Mills Combat though.

On the home front, Sofie got to enjoy her Girl Scouts Stranger Danger class and has decided she is going to run a 5k race with me in the near future.

The kids had a fun Halloween and definitely got plenty of candy. So much in fact I think we will be donating some! Taylor really got into the hang of trick or treating and picked up what to do really quick.





Speaking of Taylor he has finally decided to expand is vocabulary. Before he was pretty much a “caveman” grunting and pointing at everything only to say “gaga” (dog), “bye'” and “mama,” but completely understands what you tell him to do. Now he still does this for the most part, but he now says “dada” regularly as well as “Sis” (for Sissy), “love you,” and “see.” We think even was even trying to say thanks on Halloween night. It’s hard to believe that he will already be 19 months old here in just a few days! Golly the time flies!

How was your week/month? What do you have going on for next month?

This and That

So I have fallen way behind in posting lately. Work has been busy and taking a lot more time then usual. It’s been difficult trying to fit it all in and get adequate sleep. (I get a little grumpy when I have gotten enough sleep!) The big thing I will have to say that has kept me going is my Shakeology and this little guy.


Many ask me what is Shakeology and why do I believe in it so much. Well let me just say, doesn’t your car run at it’s best when you take proper care of it and give it the things that it needs? (Gas, oil, etc). Well your body is no different.


It needs the proper nutrition to run at its peak and Shakeology provides just that. It’s not just “another protein shake” as I so often hear. It provides you with your daily dose of multivitamins, probiotics for healthy digestion, and energy to help you get through those long busy days and workouts. Plus not only is it healthy, but it truly is delicious! My 18 month old literally comes running every morning when he hears the sound of the blender. He can’t get enough of it! Plus there is nothing in there that I wouldn’t want him to have. As a mom, it almost falls into the category of needing to drink it in private so I don’t have to share, it’s that good!

Knowing that it’s that healthy for me, it gets a little frustrating to hear that it is “not in the budget.” I had that same thought at first, then I started calculating all those trips for quick, convenient, “healthy” foods that cost close to, if not more then my daily shake of $4.33. That Starbucks tall, skinny latte ~$3, that Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad with ice tea $6.99, and that McDonald’s Egg White Delight with coffee $3.79. However, those don’t begin to equal the nutritional value you get from one Shakeology shake. Could you go to the grocery store and buy $130 worth of groceries and have it come out to 30 meals? I know I can’t!

Plus the thought too in my mind, if it’s something that costs me $130 a month keep me healthy and out of the doctor’s office, it is COMPLETELY worth it!

For all of you that are on the fence about trying it out, I strongly encourage you to give it a try for 30 days. 30 days, that’s it! You will see how incredible you feel at the end of those 30 days and be hooked! If you aren’t, Team Beachbody feels so strongly in their product that they back it by a 30 day, bottom of the bag guarantee. How amazing is that?!? Even if you finish the entire bag and aren’t satisfied, simply contact customer service and they will refund your money minus shipping.

Whiny Kids, Frustrated Momma and Grey Hairs

Now don’t take this the wrong way, I love my kids to death and wouldn’t trade them for the world, however when my seven year old decides to whine and cry like the 17 month old over the littlest thing, my nerves are definitely tested almost instantly. Even more so when Daddy tells her to stop the fake crying and she stops and laughs with tears and all still pouring down her face.

What is it with some little girls and all the overly dramatic, drama queen crap? Sorry I’m not sure what else to call it other than that. I’ve gotten onto her about it, I’ve tried telling her “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” story, I’ve even tried ignoring it, but she STILL does it! What gives?!?

She has been this way long before her brother ever came around, so it’s not like she is trying to get attention over her brother. It is obviously, well in my mind attention seeking, but only from my husband and I. I’ve never seen her do this around or with other people. (Lucky me I guess?) I don’t know what it is, but it drives me absolutely BONKERS! I can tolerate a lot, but that is probably the one thing that I will not put up with(well other than talking back). When she gets like that usually it ends with me sending her to her room to stay until she stops crying.

To have that go on less than 45 minutes after being home for the day AND a whiny/cranky toddler is a bit much for one day. As we were headed out the door to go to gymnastics I told my husband he could come find me sitting at the bar. Not really, but it was a good thought! 🙂 she s going to give me more grey hairs I swear…..

Has anyone else ever had issues like this? How did you break it? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Weekly Chase #9

So this past week has been a little chaotic and busy to say the least with work, my business, after school activities for Sofie and “home life.”  Work is starting to pick up, which I’ve needed it to, but it seems like when it first picks up things are crazy trying to keep all my patients straightened out and getting them transitioned over to ME from another therapist.  This week will be pretty busy with work, plus it’s a short week for Sofie school wise.  At least the only after school activity we have going on this week is gymnastics.

So it’s Monday and that means a week of reflection AND projection with The Weekly Chase and then Back to School Learn Something New Challenge!






So let’s talk about last week first!  My goals LAST week were:

1)  Run AT LEAST 4 times. – I only managed 3 runs last week.  Saturday we went to my in-laws to help move some things and got back kind of late Saturday to get a run in.

2)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts. – SCORE!

3)  Take AT LEAST 3 walks with my family. – We got 2 out of the 3 in.  A couple of the evenings were “late evenings” and then Taylor’s bed time schedule still varies some and depending on how he is acting as to what time he goes to bed.  

4)  Drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water DAILY. – I managed this on 5 out of 7 days, which to me isn’t too bad for a start.  Will work more on this one this week as well.  

5)  Detox from the cake and salt this past week. – I got it all OUT of my system!  No more sweets for a while!

6) Complete all my posting nightly. – All complete nightly except for one night I was in bed before the kids were, but I did get up early the next morning and completed it before the deadline.

7)  Blog AT LEAST 3 times. – DONE!  Barely!  Yesterday I had some free time to fit in a “rambling” as I call it.  😛

8)  Pick up my new book, Racing Weight, and learn something new from it (challenge goal). – NO time whatsoever for this.  I, however, DID try out a new recipe this week!  Will get it posted tomorrow.


Now onto the “projection” part, goals for THIS week:

1)  Run AT LEAST 3 times.  I have 2 runs coming up in October, a 5k AND a 15k!

2) Take at LEAST 2 walks with the family and 1 bike ride.

3)  Finish up my LAST week of P90x!  YAY!!!  –  Will post pictures when complete

4)  Drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water DAILY.

5) Blog AT LEAST 3 times.

6)  Pick up my new book, Racing Weight, and learn something new from it (challenge goal).

7)  Enjoy my weekend with my family and friends.  AND I get to see my MOMMA!!! <3



1st Week of School



So the first week of school, well two days in our case was a SUCCESS!  I walked my daughter in as always on the first day since she was at a different school this year.  (They moved her whole elementary school to a nearby middle school for the year while they remodeled her older elementary school.)   As usual parking was scarce and traffic was crazy, however the traffic come pick up time was crazy ridiculous!  They are only allowing car riders and bus riders this year. NO walkers due to the fact that there are no sidewalks for the students to walk on, nor is there close by parking for parents to park at for students to walk to.  After seeing the crazy traffic come pick up time (people couldn’t cross the intersection without blocking it for a very long time), I chose to park and WALK to her.  Even though I had to wait for probably 20 minutes til I got her, it was much faster than waiting in THIS line.


2013-08-22 15.36.54


I might add that the line was still just as crazy when I drove home with her in hand!

Day #2

She managed to find her way to her classroom without Mommy’s assistance despite all the begging and puppy dog eyes for me to walk her in.  Pick up time went a little better, but still slower than I would have liked.  I’m hoping that they will find a way to accommodate the walkers again and let students out a different door that parents are picking up AT the door vs being a car rider.  Next week will be our first FULL week being back in school and than we come to a holiday already, Labor Day!

Babysitter Without Big Sister

Taylor seemed to do well at the babysitter without having his big sister to defend him.  He is still quick to tell us good-bye and rushes off to play.  Not of course before coming back and leaning his head into me to give me a “kiss”  (aka me kissing his forehead).  I did have my first incident with biting though!  Since all the school age children are back in school, the babysitter had several new, little kids for Taylor to play with.  One being a little boy that is ~1-2 years older than Taylor.  Well Thursday night as I was getting Taylor ready for bed I noticed bright red teeth marks on his back.  No broken skin thankfully.  It didn’t seem to bother Taylor any.  I have never had this issue with Sofie or HER biting anyone when she was little so this was all new to me.  So on Friday, I asked the sitters if they had issues with any of the little kids biting and they said they hadn’t noticed any.  I showed them Taylor’s back and they were both quick to agree that that was a bite mark.  They were quick to apologize that they hadn’t caught it in action, but than thought back to the day before and they had pulled a new little boy off Taylor.  They had been playing and apparently the little boy pinned Taylor to the ground and they pulled him off Taylor who was screaming and they thought it was from being pinned down, not from being bitten.   As a parent I know this is a normal issue with little kids, however it was new to me not having to deal with it before.  I felt so sad for my sweet, little boy.  The thought of him being pinned down by another little boy breaks my heart!  Although he is okay and not hurt, it still doesn’t keep me from feeling like I want to beat that little boy’s booty!  😛  No one messes with my babies!  I know he is in WONDERFUL hands with the sitters though!  <3

Completely Exhausted

So I think the late nights/early mornings has finally caught up to me. I’ve been busy staying up late with work, getting stuff done around the house, completing continuing education, and answering emails. My mornings usually consist of exercising, getting dishes done and various other household chores on top of the morning ritual of getting kids ready for the babysitter. This week has been a little more relaxed since the neighbor girl has been coming to the house to watch the kids this week, however here in less than 3 weeks we will be starting the back to school routine. I can’t believe Sofie starts 2nd grade this year. What happened to the time? She is starting to get excited for school to start. She will be in gifted this year. Hopefully she will enjoy it.

So this upcoming weekend, the hubby and I will get a quiet weekend, camping, scuba diving, and canoeing all to ourselves! My sister in law and her boyfriend will be here visiting this weekend. Her and I are running in the Diva Dash 5k Saturday morning, than the hubby and I will hit the road to our favorite, nearby lake, Beaver Lake! If you have never been there, I highly recommend it! It is gorgeous there! Nice, quiet, and peaceful!

Catching up…

2013-07-28 12.27.34 2013-07-28 12.27.49


So we had a wonderful weekend!  My best friend came to town to visit and we got to enjoy a nice “girl’s only” evening, no husband OR kids!  WOW!!  I think the last time that happened was……umm…..I don’t even remember!  It was before I had kids that’s for sure!  I had a wonderful Thirty-One party with my friend Jennifer (you should check out her webpage.  REALLY CUTE STUFF!!)  that I hosted at my house.  That’s impressive for me!  I got my house clean and the kids kept it clean until after the party!   WOW!  My “toy store” was controlled for a few hours as I call it!  After the party was when we got to have our “girl’s night.”  We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at my favorite mexican restaurant Los Cabos and than celebrated a belated “national tequila day” (which from what I learned this week was on Wednesday, July 24th).  Other than that, we really didn’t do a whole lot.  Sat around, watched movies, talked, the usual stuff.  Today we had to say our farewells and she had to go back home sadly enough.  However that wasn’t the end to our day.  We got to see some more friends!  When Sofie was little she went to a wonderful babysitter when we lived in Texas and even though we have moved up here to Oklahoma, we still try to keep in contact.  So we were surprised with a visit from the former babysitter’s daughter and grandson whom Sofie adored when she was little.  It’s funny though today, she was all bashful and wanted to have nothing to do with poor Jeremy other than to pick on him of course.  I’m convinced she should have had an older brother with the way she is always picking on male friends/cousins.  She gets tossed around and picked on just as well, but she LOVES it!  Than to end our day, we spent the evening cleaning up the backyard from all the tree branches and twigs that were scattered around from the storms this past week.  The poor trashmen!  This will be their 2nd trip to our house for tree limbs/branches.


Back to routine

So the last few days I have had my parents here visiting from Kansas. It was so nice and relaxing. I love sitting and talking to my mom about absolutely nothing in particular. I think the kids enjoyed seeing them as well. Well except for Mr. Taylor, I think he did, he just played bashful every morning with Nana and Papa. It was quite funny. Both of my kids got hair cuts, even “Tater Tot!” His 3rd hair cut already and he is only 15 months old. I had Nana cut his hair shorter than last time since it has been so hot out. He has lost his curls!!

2013-07-20 17.53.00


My little, curly headed little boy all of a sudden looks all grown up!  What happened?!?!  We will have to let it grow back out some.  I love his curls!  I’m sure he is much cooler though!

2013-06-02 10.38.22  (before)

So now that my house guests are gone (and safely made it back home), I have been cleaning, doing laundry and grocery shopping all day.  You know the usual mommy/housewife duties.  Tater Tot was also being a handful today.  I’m not quite sure what got into him, if he was feeling spunky with his new ‘do or what, but he was ALL over the place and making noise, and being destructive!  Oh my goodness!  He went to bed about 45 minutes early because he got to the point where he was laying on the ground crying and kicking one foot when he couldn’t stay outside any longer.  I was drenched in sweat from a run and he wanted to stay outside and play in the 90+ degree heat and high humidity.  No thanks!  Daddy and Sissy did take him on a walk and ride the little 4 wheeler with him though.  My daughter was even so kind to surprise me tonight by not only emptying the dishwasher as asked, but LOADING it up too!  (WITHOUT being asked I might add!!)  I had to close my eyes and walk into the kitchen so she could surprise me.  I think she picked up on Mommy getting frustrated with Tater Tot banging on every little thing imaginable with wooden eggs and clothes hangers!  I would definitely say my 3 mile run tonight was MUCH needed despite the high heat/humidity.  After Tater Tot got put down to bed for the night, the 3 of us went and enjoyed a nice swim.  Well my husband and daughter did, I got in, found it colder than yesterday from having gotten a lot of rain so sat out and watched them play “King Kong.”  Quite entertaining I must say!

Alright off to go finish the last of the laundry and get our bed all freshly made!