The Process and more

So tonight we finished up with swimming lessons for this two week period and she……PASSED!! YAY Sofie! So proud of her! Of course her reward she choose had to Red Velvet Cake…. I was good though! I didn’t even steal a bite! The thought did cross my mind however 😛

So my chaotic life can quiet back down now. *big sigh of relief*. So even with all the chaos the last two weeks I have managed to stay with my exercise program and not skip a beat! Now that swimming lessons are over, I can enjoy my runs/workouts and not feel like I’m missing out on family time.

Tonight as I did my yoga, Taylor was extremely entertaining! He was running around, squealing with laughter. I’m fairly sure it was all directed at me though. Haha! However he is such a sweet boy! As I was laying on my mat stretching, he would come over and kneel down by my head and lower his forehead to my lips. This is his way of “giving kisses.” Whenever you ask for a kiss, he leans in like that so you kiss his forehead. So he would run off with a huge smile on his face, turn around and run back for more kisses. Love this age!

As for my Facebook page, I’m excited to get my first challenge group under way in the next few weeks! I love helping and encouraging people and I love seeing the delight on their face as they reach their goals, whatever they maybe. These are my main reasons for being a therapist and wanting it to carry over and be a coach as well. It’s an awesome experience to get to be a part of. Here is to an awesome first challenge!


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