The Sound of Tranquility

So this morning I enjoyed my run with my good friend and wonderful neighbor Terri. We ran 3.56 miles before she called it quits due to her low back pain in which she pushed through and than I continued on my journey by myself for the rest of my 6 miles. First off when you’re running with a partner it’s amazing at how quickly the time flies by! Casually chatting, (kid free for both of us), enjoying the crisp morning air and logging our miles. I love watching all the other runners along the way as well as all the cyclists. It’s always amazing too me at how cheerful everyone is in the mornings on the trail. It really is a breath of fresh air being out there. You may start your journey in a bad mood, but I promise you, seeing everyone’s friendliness and smiles along your journey, you WILL end your session with a smile on your face and a light heart!

For instance there was an older gentleman this morning out riding his bike (I see him all the time), and he was getting ready to go up what we call “million dollar hill” and asked jokingly if we would push him up the hill. Later we passed him going back the other direction, again smiling, and said he had made it. He ALWAYS makes it, don’t worry, he is NOT an unfit man.

So after my friend left, I continued on my way….WITHOUT MY HEADPHONES! *gasp*. I considered stopping to get them, but I didn’t want to do just that…stop. I felt great this morning! So I picked up my pace and continued on my happy, little way. Hearing the light patter of my feet for a change was interesting and my rhythmic breathing was a new sound. Once I continued on my run without my partner, I ran across the street to the beautiful, college campus of NSU. Lots of cyclists on the roads but not as many runners, so it was quieter there this morning. This is where I got to hear the light hearted chirping of all the various birds and the sound of the cicadas. Peace and tranquility at its finest! I personally love their sound, however I know my husband finds it annoying. To each their own, right?

So after I made my way around the campus and still had a mile to go, I made my way back out onto the trail and that is where I came up to a middle age man just starting his journey this morning running. It was here where I noticed that even on my last leg of my journey I was increasing my pace and completely in charge of it. I saw the ground between us closing and eventually I DID pass him! As a runner this is a fun/psychological aspect that it’s almost spontaneous that if someone’s comes up along side of you, your pace instantaneously picks up, and you make them work to pass you.

QOTD: What aspects do you enjoy of running? Do you prefer running with or without music?

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