The Sound of Water



So I’m sitting at my desk enjoying my lunch AND the sound of our Koi Pond (pic above).  We have added a couple of fountains to it since this was taken.  One coming down from the rocks and the other an old fire hydrant that I have cleverly decorated to represent my love for JAYHAWKS (yes even here in Oklahoma!) that shoots back into the pond.

I have had the window to our sun room open all morning since the weather has been cooler so that I may enjoy the sound of water.  It is so relaxing!  It’s my own little oasis here at our house.  It’s the quiet, background noise that eases the soul.  I would say I wished I could hear it from our bedroom, however during the summer we have bullfrogs that live in the pond and they croak constantly so I’m sure I’m GLAD it’s not by our bedroom window.  You all know my love for frogs (BLEH!).  The sound of our pond, it’s not like music where I “listen” to the lyrics and what not.  This is more of the thought-provoking, monotonous background noise.  It’s serene, it’s relaxing, it’s just beautiful.  *looks at clock*   Guess I should get back to work!  One more patient to go than it’s time to workout!

What are some of your favorite sounds?  What is your workout for the day?

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