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So I have fallen way behind in posting lately. Work has been busy and taking a lot more time then usual. It’s been difficult trying to fit it all in and get adequate sleep. (I get a little grumpy when I have gotten enough sleep!) The big thing I will have to say that has kept me going is my Shakeology and this little guy.


Many ask me what is Shakeology and why do I believe in it so much. Well let me just say, doesn’t your car run at it’s best when you take proper care of it and give it the things that it needs? (Gas, oil, etc). Well your body is no different.


It needs the proper nutrition to run at its peak and Shakeology provides just that. It’s not just “another protein shake” as I so often hear. It provides you with your daily dose of multivitamins, probiotics for healthy digestion, and energy to help you get through those long busy days and workouts. Plus not only is it healthy, but it truly is delicious! My 18 month old literally comes running every morning when he hears the sound of the blender. He can’t get enough of it! Plus there is nothing in there that I wouldn’t want him to have. As a mom, it almost falls into the category of needing to drink it in private so I don’t have to share, it’s that good!

Knowing that it’s that healthy for me, it gets a little frustrating to hear that it is “not in the budget.” I had that same thought at first, then I started calculating all those trips for quick, convenient, “healthy” foods that cost close to, if not more then my daily shake of $4.33. That Starbucks tall, skinny latte ~$3, that Wendy’s Apple Pecan Chicken Salad with ice tea $6.99, and that McDonald’s Egg White Delight with coffee $3.79. However, those don’t begin to equal the nutritional value you get from one Shakeology shake. Could you go to the grocery store and buy $130 worth of groceries and have it come out to 30 meals? I know I can’t!

Plus the thought too in my mind, if it’s something that costs me $130 a month keep me healthy and out of the doctor’s office, it is COMPLETELY worth it!

For all of you that are on the fence about trying it out, I strongly encourage you to give it a try for 30 days. 30 days, that’s it! You will see how incredible you feel at the end of those 30 days and be hooked! If you aren’t, Team Beachbody feels so strongly in their product that they back it by a 30 day, bottom of the bag guarantee. How amazing is that?!? Even if you finish the entire bag and aren’t satisfied, simply contact customer service and they will refund your money minus shipping.

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