Tulsa Turkey Trot 2013 Race Recap

So the day started off at 6:45 am when my alarm went off and I woke up thinking “Who the heck set the alarm?”  I had weird dreams off and on all night after taking Tylenol PM due to allergies bugging me, so I woke up a little foggy headed.  I had laid my clothes out the night before so I proceeded to get dressed.  I looked at the temperature outside just to make sure it was as cold as I had been planning that it would be.  Yep!  26 degrees!  I was fine with it, but was hoping my little munchkin would be as she had only ran one time out in the cold successfully!  At about 7 am I went and woke the little sleeping beauty up and she had this look on her face like this is crazy to be getting up early to run, however she didn’t say anything.  She just took all her clothes I made her lay out the night before back upstairs.  (We had a small problem the night before with the fact that she couldn’t find her ear warmers and gloves that we had made sure she had for the race.)

After a quick breakfast of a waffle and milk for my daughter and 1 slice of toast with my usual PB, half of a banana, honey and half a cup of coffee to wake me up, we were on our way!  It’s about a 20 minute drive from where we live at to get to downtown Tulsa.  Parking was not an issue at all, although we did have to pay for it.   We met up with my friend Jennifer there as she had woke up late and said she would just meet us there.  We happen to park next to her unknowingly at first, until I looked around once she called me to find out where we were at.  “Right next to ya girl!”  HA HA!

Once parking was paid for we proceeded to bounce around and of course have to take the obligatory pre-race pictures!

2013-11-29 08.22.08My daughter and sister-in-law

2013-11-29 08.22.40

My sister-in-law, daughter and I

2013-11-29 10.39.47

My friend Jennifer, daughter Sofie, and I

(P.S.  We need to get Jennifer trained in the right winter apparel to wear for running.  It really wasn’t too bad if you were in the sun. )

I was so excited with this race as this was my daughter, Sofie’s first TIMED 5k (she has run in the Color Run twice now) and my friend Jennifer’s SECOND 5k!  Closer to the start time we got in the corral area which helped keep us warm.  Sofie kept laughing at the dogs that were running the 5k as well.  Before we knew it, “BOOM!”  This was the loudest start gun I had EVER heard!  Sofie jumped and looked at me like is going on?!?!  We walked for a little bit til we crossed the starting line.

My whole goal with this 5k was to pace Sofie as she wanted to place in her age group.  I actually didn’t have to pace her all that much.  She kept pushing us!  I was afraid she was going to burn out before the end.  When I run with her, I don’t wear my usual headphones but I have music play (Taylor Swift) so that Sofie can hear it as she LOVES Taylor Swift.  Her slowest mile was the first mile, but it was still faster than she had been training at, 10:25.  Throughout mile two and three, we kept encouraging Sofie.  I told her since she kept pushing the pace just to run her race and she was our alpha dog.  She protested at this because she didn’t want to be a “dog.”  I then told her she was our alpha wolf as she likes wolves.   So we had a quick lesson on wolf packs and that she was the first girl alpha wolf.  She liked this idea!  There were times you could tell she was starting to get fatigued, but then I would find boys about her age ahead of us and told her our goal was to pass him before the finish.  She proceeded to sprint.  I had to rein her back in as we still had a mile to go.  We slowly crept up on the boy and his dad and soon her and I were going back and forth passing the boy and his dad.  Sofie was having fun with this as she can be really competitive at times and ALWAYS wants to be better than boys.  Also on the last mile, my sister-in-law Alisha and I started to serenade Sofie with Taylor Swift songs.  I’m not quite sure Sofie appreciated this though.  Moms are supposed to embarrass their children right?  She is lucky I didn’t start dancing down the road for her!

Sofie needed up finishing her first timed 5k in 31:30.  A PR for her!  She was so excited!  On the home stretch she had everyone cheering her on!  Police officers, her aunt, me, people running around us!  She did great!  I had tears in my eyes at the finish for her!

2013-11-29 09.03.58Her rosy red cheeks afterwards

2013-11-29 09.05.02

Sofie at the finish line

2013-11-29 09.05.37

She survived!

2013-11-29 09.10.17

Watching others cross the finish line

2013-11-29 09.51.08

Sofie going up to accept her award for 2nd in her age group!  So proud of her!

Needless to say after this race, she wants to do the Broken Arrow Santa Run on December 14th!



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