Vacation hangover


Oh the joys of life the first few days after vacation….laundry, unpacking, transitioning back to a “normal” life, and that dreaded first day back to work. UGH! It makes you question if the whole vacation process is worth it. Than throw kids into the mix, and not only do you have you to transition back into a normal routine, but there is the kids too.

The older child has been easier since she is pretty self sufficient, however the “I’m out of school and don’t have to do anything” is getting a bit old.

Than we have the 13 month old who had just got adjusted going to a new babysitter, now does not want to go to the babysitter without tears once again at drop off. Hopefully this gets better as this was only day#2 of going back to the babysitter.

Than let’s add in mommy…tired and trying to catch up on sleep, even though I know you can’t really “catch up” on sleep, but I will use it! I think we averaged walking 8.5 miles every day and than dealing with a seven year old, four year old and a 13 month old in Disney World and traveling for six days is exhausting! I think a week of no work or kids should be required after a vacation of that magnitude! All in all it was a wonderful trip, but I’m glad to be back home!

Now to get the energy back and get back into that workout routine. A week of no exercise other than walking around an amusement park in the heat and humidity is actually draining. Being lazy was nice, but I miss the energy that comes from working out consistently. Yesterday was run #1 post vacation. Those 2.09 miles were a little rough, however I was pushing the pace quiet a bit for not running for a week. Seeing the snake (was actually dead but I didn’t know this until on the way back) along my way didn’t help slowing my pace down either. I will leave out the fact that it was only about 15 inches long but still…

Run #2 is tomorrow….hopefully it will be less eventful (aka no snakes).

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