Week 5 and 6 of Half Marathon Training

So this is week 6 of my half marathon training and it has been a somewhat of a bust. Last week when our weather was nice and in the mid 60’s congestion hit and I assumed it was my allergies. It started differently though which I thought was odd, but blew it off since I hadn’t had issues with them really all summer long. Fast forward to yesterday, I got to thinking with all my prescription allergy medicines that I have available, nothing was really helping, so I began to suspect an upper respiratory infection.

So I finished up with work and drug myself into the doctor with both of my kids (that should tell you how desperate I was to breathe normally and not get short of breath eating!). Yep, I was right! (Maybe I should be a doctor…). Steroid shot, antibiotics and codeine cough syrup and 6 hours later I could breathe through my nose again! Yay!!! It’s the small things as a mom/runner.

So despite my sickness, I got some running in, but it began to get difficult with the congestion.

Week 5
12/15/13 – 6 miles outdoors in 1:02:15
12/16/13 – 2.48 miles indoors with my husband in 34:12
12/17/13 – 4.00 miles outdoors in 39:45
12/18/14 – 2.65 miles indoors with my husband in 34:04

Week 6
12/22/13 – 5.00 miles on the “dreadmill” in 50:55
12/23/13 – 3.00 miles on the “dreadmill” in 29:37 (virtual race against my husband)
12/25/13 – 3.06 miles outdoors in 30:36
12/28/13 – 7.00 miles outdoors with hills 1:10:20

This week also marked the start of week #1 of P90x3 that my husband surprised me with. These have been the perfect length to incorporate into my half marathon training! 30 minutes to get strength and crosstraining in in between running.

I have the best husband, not only did he surprise me with that, but he also got me a new pair of my favorite New Balance shoes and Santa happened to bring me some compression socks that are awesome!

How was your Christmas? Did you get any new fitness items/gadgets?

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