Week 5 of Marathon Training

So week 5 started with me still be a little under the weather but I managed.  I could finally breath, however the cough and feeling short of breath is what was getting me.

Monday was a short, but taxing run as I pushed my little man in the stroller, while hubby and I ran up and down the road for 1.94 miles.  Why did I stop .06 miles short of 2 miles?  Some cranky toddler and I could only get away with only so many “1 more time.”

Tuesday I managed to squeeze in 3.02 miles in the morning before work.  This was a fairly good run considering my breathing and I managed my pace

Wednesday was more trying being my 4th run in a row.  I got in 5.02 miles.  I decided to forgo the hills and stuck to a relatively flat area as I knew my lungs would be taxed as it was with how my breathing was going.

Thursday I took a rest day on accident.  All week-long I was thinking it was a day behind what it actually was.  So Thursday I thought it was Wednesday.  Whoops!  Sunday’s run through me off!  I did plan to run with my running buddy though on Sunday again instead of Saturday so that meant I could get my other run in on Friday

Friday I was able to get my other 5 mile run in for the day.  This one was a little more difficult than the last 5 mile run as it was fairly humid and lack of wind was tough but I got it done!

Saturday, the PLAN was a short run and then PiYo to stretch out, however we started a “quick project” at home in our sunroom.

Sunday was a long slow run.  The schedule called for 8 miles and that’s what we got in.  It was a little warmed than it had been in the morning with little to no wind but we got it done.  Towards the end of the run, my left knee was starting to hurt just at the top of the tibial plateau so when I got home, I made sure to take some Advil and my glucosamine.  I also got to try out my new Flipbelt that I got!

As the coughing subsides some, we shall see how the lungs handle it and go from there.  I can only do as my body allows me without causing further injury.

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