Week 1 of Marathon Training

So I made the big decision on Wednesday to take the first steps into this and it didn’t come easily.  I was in turmoil most of the week trying to decide sometimes to tears because I didn’t feel like I could just sit back and NOT do anything.  It was on my Tuesday morning run that I had went out running because of some saddening news.  One of my coworker’s husband had passed away.  I had the pleasure of getting to know him and in our many conversations he would remind me of my dad whom I had lost at the age of 19 to diabetes and kidney failure.  My dad had suffered with diabetes long before I was ever born and so has my mom (who is still living by the way).  So to hear of his passing was a little rough on me to say the least as he too suffered from diabetes and kidney failure.  Plus my dad passed in July of 2001 so to hear of Gary’s death in yet again July bothered me. Running is how I deal with emotions and frustrations as well as joys.  It is my time to meditate and think things through.  Tuesday I had no distance in mind other than to just run and think.  So I ran and ran faster, and yet faster.   I ran and I cried and ran some more.  Flash back to Sunday my husband was joking around that I could fundraise for a charity and run in the Route 66 Marathon.  I quickly told him he was crazy and dismissed the idea.  So during my run this thought began to inch its way back into my head.  As soon as I got home I brought up the fundraising website and low and behold the charities were listed.  Guess what charity was one of them?  If you guessed something dealing with diabetes, you are correct!  The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Oklahoma Chapter to be exact.  Too coincidental in my mind.  So I got ready for work for the day and went through my whole day thinking about this in my car.  I work in home health so I have periods of alone time in my car throughout the day.  The more I thought about it the more anxious I got and the more I teared up. Later that night I brought it up to my husband and asked him if he would help me out along the way because I had never ran anything more than 13.1.  Anything after that was foreign to me and a large part of it would be mental for me.  Plus it is hours of training and miles in my shoes (which by the way I would be needing new ones soon).  He gave me the go ahead and said he would be there somewhere along the course after mile 13.  The next day I emailed my boss and brought it to her attention as being a “field employee” sometimes it’s hard to get a hold of the people you need to.  She wrote back saying she was tearing up reading my letter and would talk to human resources to see what they could do to support my efforts and she was able to put me in contact with my coworker.   Thursday ended up being  busy day for me as it is a day that my daughter had gymnastics and I had promised her I would take her to Hobby Lobby afterwards.  So I sent my coworker a text as I didn’t want to interrupt any family stuff going on as I remember with my dad’s passing how busy you were afterwards.  She just so happened to call me back in the middle of Hobby Lobby.  So as I talked to her I wondered aimlessly around the store with my daughter eavesdropping and wondering why Mommy was crying.  I can write about emotions fairly well, but to put them into words without planning is difficult for me especially when I’m in tears.   I got her blessing and of course after I got off the phone Sofie immediately wanted to know why I was crying so I quickly explained to her and she got excited.  She said she couldn’t wait to go to another race and watch Mommy run and for a good cause. So throughout the week I had been still running as my schedule I had set up instructed which actually wasn’t too far off from what the Tulsa Runner’s World Beginner’s Full Marathon schedule said, which by the way I’m just jumping into week 2 since I already have a base.

Sunday, 7/13 – 4.5 miles

Monday, 7/14 – 3.4 miles

Tuesday, 7/15  – 4.03 miles

Wednesday, 7/16 – 3.7 miles

Thursday, 7/17 – REST

Friday, 7/18 – REST

Saturday, 7/19 – 3.15 miles (Porter Peach Classic 5k, check back later this week for a race recap of it)

TOTAL – 18.78 miles

The schedule won’t really push me until about October when the higher mileage hits.  Luckily my running buddy Jennifer said she would train with me and she would run the half so I wouldn’t be alone.

My goal for the JDRF donation is $500, so if you wouldn’t mind, please donate whatever you can to help such a great foundation and help me run in honor Gary.  (P.S.  It IS tax-deductible as well, just FYI!)


Have you ever run a marathon?  Any advice for a newbie in training in this area?

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