Weekly Chase #1

So this is my newest endeavor on my part that I picked up from one of my frequented blogs ( www.roadrunnergirl.com – Thank you Mindy! )  As you all are well aware of my love for running and fitness, this pertains to all of those categories.  Something to also keep me accountable to my goals so that I see some progress and goals being met.

So my goals this week are:

1)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts…meaning, yes….even Yoga!!  This includes doing all my Ab ripper X too!  

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs.

3)  Be a positive role model for everyone in my 7 Day JumpStart Challenge group.

4)  Take at least 3 walks with my family.

5)  Ensure that my friend Jennifer has a successful Thirty One party hosted by ME!  (AHHH!!!!)


Will keep it simple this first week.  🙂

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