Weekly Chase #10

Well, I was behind last week after a weekend trip to Kansas to see friends and family and was treading water the rest of the week just to stay a float and keep up vs planning ahead and staying ahead of the game.  Our trip, however was awesome!  We had so much fun!  We went to Sofie’s first ever baseball game.  Texas Rangers vs. Kansas City Royals.  She had tons of fun and keeps asking when can we go see another game!

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2013-09-21 19.24.51

2013-09-21 19.27.49

2013-09-21 20.47.44


Then my husband got to witness his first ever Threshing Bee in the big town of McLouth, KS.  I think he secretly liked seeing how the machines work, and of course now wants to have a suped up riding lawnmower.

2013-09-22 11.34.05


So with that, it’s Monday and that means a week of reflection AND projection with The Weekly Chase and then Back to School Learn Something New Challenge!





First off, the REFLECTION period, last week’s goals (or rather in this case, goals from TWO weeks ago!):

1)  Run AT LEAST 3 times.  I have 2 runs coming up in October, a 5k AND a 15k! – Only got 2 runs in.

2) Take at LEAST 2 walks with the family and 1 bike ride. – I got the two walks in but not the bike ride.

3)  Finish up my LAST week of P90x!  YAY!!!  –  Will post pictures when complete – Complete.  I will be working on the blog post for that this week.

4)  Drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water DAILY. – Didn’t get this one done.  I slacked off, will be working on that this week!

5) Blog AT LEAST 3 times. – I got two times in.  Will work more on this.

6)  Pick up my new book, Racing Weight, and learn something new from it (challenge goal). – Didn’t happen.  My husband was busy with work this week, so I had lots of productive “mommy” time though!

7)  Enjoy my weekend with my family and friends.  AND I get to see my MOMMA!!! <3 – COMPLETE!


And now for the PROJECTION part:

1)  Run AT LEAST 4 times.

2)  Take AT LEAST 1 bike ride and 3 walks with the family.

3)  Stay on schedule for the rest of the week for my Les Mills Combat program.

4)  Help my friend, Jennifer have a FUN!, first 5k on Saturday and help her accomplish her goal of running the WHOLE thing.

5)  Blog AT LEAST 3 times.

6)  Continue reading my new book “The Compound Effect” and learn something new from it (Challenge Goal).

7)  Enjoy a trip to the Tulsa State Fair this week.

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