Weekly Chase #15




1)  Run at LEAST 3 times. – DONE!

2)  Continue to log my walks with my family and water intake DAILY. – I got 2 walks in with the family and only tracked water intake about 50% of the time.   Need to do better on this.

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise. –  Yes for the most part.  Only one day was off and it was the day I got my run in early in the morning then Sofie decided she wanted to go for a run that evening.

4)  Continue to eat healthy and help my husband stay focused on his weight loss. – YES!!  He has lost 11lbs in 2 weeks!  

5)  Finalize my next 30 day group and start planning for New Year’s group. – DONE!

6)  Try to finish The Compound Effect (book I’m reading) – Touched it once. 🙁



1)  Run at LEAST 3 times.

2)  Log walks and water intake DAILY/CONSISTENTLY.

3)  Stay on schedule with exercise this week.

4)  Continue to eat healthy and help my husband.

5)  Prep for final group of the year and prepare for New Year’s.

6)  Start planning for Thanksgiving at our house

7)  Enjoy the company of our friends this weekend!

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