Weekly Chase #2

So after my first weekly chase, I have done fairly decent in my opinion.

Last weeks goals:

1)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts…meaning, yes….even Yoga!!  This includes doing all my Ab ripper X too!  – I missed the Yoga and my favorite Kenpo.  I DID however get all of my Ab Ripper X in there though!  

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs. – I logged 3 runs.  Weather was up and down all last week. Lots of storms!

3)  Be a positive role model for everyone in my 7 Day JumpStart Challenge group.  – I would like to think I was.  I am a firm believer in leading by example, so unless I did something I was unaware of I will say this one was done! 🙂

4)  Take at least 3 walks with my family. – COMPLETED!!!

5)  Ensure that my friend Jennifer has a successful Thirty One party hosted by ME!  (AHHH!!!!)  – Well I had people show up and got several orders.  My “toy store” was contained with my kids, so I will say this one was a success too!


Now on to THIS weeks goals!:

1)  Again, complete ALL of my P90x workouts.

2)  Log at LEAST 4 runs.

3)  Take at LEAST 3 walks with my family.  In hopes of getting my husband going again on this one!

4)  Start a 30 plank challenge today.

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