Weekly Chase #9

So this past week has been a little chaotic and busy to say the least with work, my business, after school activities for Sofie and “home life.”  Work is starting to pick up, which I’ve needed it to, but it seems like when it first picks up things are crazy trying to keep all my patients straightened out and getting them transitioned over to ME from another therapist.  This week will be pretty busy with work, plus it’s a short week for Sofie school wise.  At least the only after school activity we have going on this week is gymnastics.

So it’s Monday and that means a week of reflection AND projection with The Weekly Chase and then Back to School Learn Something New Challenge!






So let’s talk about last week first!  My goals LAST week were:

1)  Run AT LEAST 4 times. – I only managed 3 runs last week.  Saturday we went to my in-laws to help move some things and got back kind of late Saturday to get a run in.

2)  Complete ALL of my P90x workouts. – SCORE!

3)  Take AT LEAST 3 walks with my family. – We got 2 out of the 3 in.  A couple of the evenings were “late evenings” and then Taylor’s bed time schedule still varies some and depending on how he is acting as to what time he goes to bed.  

4)  Drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water DAILY. – I managed this on 5 out of 7 days, which to me isn’t too bad for a start.  Will work more on this one this week as well.  

5)  Detox from the cake and salt this past week. – I got it all OUT of my system!  No more sweets for a while!

6) Complete all my posting nightly. – All complete nightly except for one night I was in bed before the kids were, but I did get up early the next morning and completed it before the deadline.

7)  Blog AT LEAST 3 times. – DONE!  Barely!  Yesterday I had some free time to fit in a “rambling” as I call it.  😛

8)  Pick up my new book, Racing Weight, and learn something new from it (challenge goal). – NO time whatsoever for this.  I, however, DID try out a new recipe this week!  Will get it posted tomorrow.


Now onto the “projection” part, goals for THIS week:

1)  Run AT LEAST 3 times.  I have 2 runs coming up in October, a 5k AND a 15k!

2) Take at LEAST 2 walks with the family and 1 bike ride.

3)  Finish up my LAST week of P90x!  YAY!!!  –  Will post pictures when complete

4)  Drink AT LEAST 60 oz of water DAILY.

5) Blog AT LEAST 3 times.

6)  Pick up my new book, Racing Weight, and learn something new from it (challenge goal).

7)  Enjoy my weekend with my family and friends.  AND I get to see my MOMMA!!! <3



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