Weekly Wrap Up #2

So this week, I  have been pretty consistent with my running.  It may not have been all on schedule as my allergies/sinus have been wrecking havoc on me this week.  The evening time sinus headaches though screwed up my plans of getting my P90x3 back on track.  However I must say all of my family is healthy again for a change, so this helped to stay on track at least with the running. I also had a 10k that was scheduled on January 25th that I was running in with my friend Jennifer, so it was important to stay on track.

Saturday, January 18th – I managed to get in 5 miles without any trouble.

Sunday, January 19th – 4.08 miles in with my wonderful neighbor and her husband.  They are always entertaining and make me laugh.

Monday, January 20th – 3.19 miles in with my husband at the gym.  My husband asked me if I wanted to go and of course I couldn’t turn him down!  I love running with me and  he was ASKING to go!

Tuesday, January 21st – P90x3 Total Synergistics and Agility X

Wednesday, January 22nd – 2.09 miles  I had 3-4 miles planned but I was feeling tired and made myself go anyway.  My rule of thumb when I’m like this is  make myself do 15-20 minutes and NORMALLY I’m ok at this point, but if I’m still not feeling it, then I will allow myself to be done.  I had also noticed my heart rate was higher than usual throughout my run, so I figured I hadn’t recovered from the workout the night before.

Thursday, January 23rd – Rest

Friday, January 24th – Grocery shopping day and I never have time to fit in a workout on Fridays.  It’s just too jam-packed.  Plus this was the day before a race which I always rest the day before.

Saturday, January 25th – 10k with my friend Jennifer (look for a race recap in the next few days)

Sunday, January 26th – 4.25 miles run/walk with the family.  I was pushing Taylor in the stroller up/down all the hills while Sofie rode her bike and my husband ran with our Doberman.

All in all it was a great week!  I was just shy of 25 miles which isn’t bad in my book and had a wonderful time with my friend and family.

How was your week?  Did you make time to fit your exercise in?



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