Weekly Wrap up #4/Half Marathon Training #12 and GIVEAWAY ALERT!

So this weekend got away from me in terms of getting my weekly wrap up written up on Sunday.  With the weather as cold as it was this week, I took some time to relax and eased up my routine some.  I managed to get three runs in, plus I tried out a new workout program that you will hear more about below.

Sunday I spent recovering from my long run last Saturday.  Monday was just chaotic and the roads were iffy so I just stayed at home with the family instead of going to the gym to run on the treadmill, I did do a 15 minute workout DVD though.

Tuesday was a short day for me in terms of work, so I ended up having a lunch date with my wonderful husband since we don’t get date nights very often.  We must take advantage on days when work is slow!  We had lunch at Panera, then once we got home my husband mentioned going to the gym to run together!  This man knows how to speak right to my heart! *smiles*. We got in 3.13 miles running on the track at the gym.  After gymnastics I tried out yet another 15 minute workout DVD.

Wednesday was another long day at work then followed by a Girl Scout meeting.

Thursday, I got a wonderful surprise from my husband with this brand new piece of awesomeness!


He is on a roll this week!  (Wonder what he wants ;-P ).  So of course I had to go try it out at the gym since if was cold.  I had to get it all set up to my foot pod from a previous model I had to use it at the gym, but that was fairly easy.  Enjoyed it so much I ran 4 miles at the gym on the track that night.

Fridays are ALWAYS crazy in our household and nothing but the basics get done.

Saturday was warmer than it had been and I was scheduled for a long run of 10 miles, so I eagerly got dressed wanting to test out my new toy outdoors!  It was a cloudy, overcast day with temps hovering right around freezing and a windchill of 25, but not too bad.  Set out for it later in the afternoon than I normally like and had a couple of cheats the night before and Saturday morning but I survived my run with no problems.  Plus I’m in LOVE with my new toy even more so now!  How can you not like graphs and data to see how you are progressing?!



Total Mileage this week 17.13

Okay, so on to this exercise DVD I mentioned above.  As part of my Girl Gone Sporty Ambassadorship, I was contacted by Jamie at MASH Up Conditioning about trying out a line of exercise DVDs they are starting.  I happened to get the TEMPO DVD.  I happen to LOVE Tempo workouts so this was right up my alley!  If you have never done a HIIT workout you should!  Do you know what HIIT workouts are?  Read my post HERE explaining what HIIT workouts are.

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MASH Up Conditioning is a company that was started by Jamie and her business partner, who both, happen to be “moms on a mission to help others achieve optimal wellness in less time.”  In Jamie’s email she put it perfectly, “Our workouts are based on the science of high intensity intervals which are 5-6 times as effective as steady state exercise.  Our format combines Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High Intensity Intervals and are designed for 3 different fitness levels for safety and so that everyone can benefit.”

The DVD has 7 complete 15 minute workouts containing 5 minutes each of Mind/Body, Agility & Strength, and High Intensity Intervals.  The short, effective workouts are great for busy moms.  I tried a few of the workouts and they were short and sweet but effective!  I got my heart rate up and was starting to sweat.  The great thing about these workouts were there were the 3 different levels with one person performing each level.  Level one was amazing and doable by anyone if they were just starting out.  I would have liked to see the instructor actually doing most of the workout with the others as to me, that says a lot.  I have tried out a lot of exercise DVDs, not all Team Beachbody ones either, and that has always been something I have looked at, whether the instructor is doing the exercise with the group or not.  In my mind frame if you are going to be showing me what to do, then do it yourself.  I don’t want to exercise when I have someone walking around and talking.  When I did the 30 Day Shred, I had the same issue with it.  That is just me though.  Other than that they are great exercise DVDs. If you are looking for something to do at home in a short amount of time, just starting out, or have never done a workout DVD in your home, then this would be a great, basic workout DVD to start with.

For the programs I did, you would just need a yoga mat and some hand weights.  I used my 10lb hand weights and was fine, but if you are just starting out, you may need lighter.  If you wanted a longer workout, on the inside there is a way to string the workouts together to complete a longer session, however the downfall to having to do this, as easy as it is, would be to have to stop and push a few buttons until you got to the one you wanted.  When I’m working out, I don’t want to have to do this as I feel like it interrupts “my burn.”  But by in far, a small thing to look past.

What is your favorite exercise DVD and/or program?

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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by MASH Up conditioning and while I received a free DVD to review, I received no other compensation for this post and my review is 100% my own, honest opinion.


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