Weekly Wrap up and ENERGYbits WINNER

So this week has been THE week getting back on track after having two sick kids and then my co-worker going on vacation.

Friday the 10th, I took a rest day.  Mainly because Fridays are so chaotic as is.  We go grocery shopping every two weeks and the 10th happened to be our grocery shopping day.  Plus Fridays are my day I have to get paperwork finished for work and submitted.

Saturday the 11th was the FIRST day we had TWO healthy kids after my son being sick all last week.  It was such a blessing.  The weather was okay (cloudy and windy), but I managed to make it out for a 5 mile run.  Sunday,  I woke up to my daughter sick.  GAH!  Luckily she was okay on Monday to go to school, however when I picked her up, she said her ear was hurting so we ended up going to Urgent Care and she did have an ear infection.  Luckily after the first doseage of a Z pack she was all better come Tuesday.

Normally Saturdays are my long, slow distance, but I had a running date scheduled with my friend Jennifer on Sunday so I moved it to Sunday.

Sunday I got in a total of 8 miles.   Five miles with Jennifer as that was her distance scheduled for the day and then 3 miles on my own.  My plan initially was to see how I felt after I got the 5 miles in with Jennifer as I don’t often run back to back days 5+ miles.  At the end of Jennifer’s 5 miles I was feeling good, (I had my ENERGYbits to thank for this!) so I continued on my merry little way.  Sunday the 12th was a gorgeous day, sunny, in the high 60s, but WINDY as heck!  It was fun seeing all the varying degrees that people were dressed here in Oklahoma!

Monday I ended up taking off, unintentionally due to my busy schedule with work and my co-worker ended up having to take off sooner than expected for vacation as she had the flu.  Quickly had to rearrange my schedule to accomodate more patients.  Not difficult, just cut into my exercise time.

Tuesday, I managed to get in 3.1 miles on the treadmill and P90x3 Yoga.   Just when I think I’m back on schedule with P90x3, life happens.  This will be my goal next week for sure!

Wednesday, I got in 3 miles with my neighbors out on the trail before it got dark.  My neighbor is running the Oklahoma City Memorial Relay with fellow co-workers.  Her husband who also decided to go running with us, had made up his mind that he wasn’t.  We kept talking about it, so maybe he will change his mind.  🙂

So today is the beginning of a new blogging for me.  My goals this upcoming week is to get back on schedule with running and P90x3 and I’m also going to work on a blogging schedule this week.

Oh yes, before I forget and the WINNER of my ENERGYbits giveaway is…..

APRIL L!!!  Look for an e-mail from me soon!

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