Weekly Wrap Up and Exercise DVD WINNER!

So this week had been pretty chaotic with work and my daughter’s extracurricular activities. She is 7 going on 8 and is in gymnastics and Girl Scouts. Tuesday night happened to be gymnastics and Wednesday night was Girl Scouts troop meeting which was very fun I might add. I ended up taking Sunday and Monday off due to fatigue from Saturdays long run of 10 miles and Monday, I was extremely busy with work, notes and then I hadn’t been feeling well, so I thought maybe I just needed a day of rest.

Tuesday, after my husband got home from work, I managed to make it to the gym for late night run on the dreadmill at almost 9:30 at night. – 3 miles

Wednesday, after Girl Scouts was over I went to the gym for another late night run on the indoor track at 9:00 pm at night. After two miles I was really fatigued, and told myself just make it to 3 miles and I could go home. Once I reached 3 miles, my mind was thinking “What is 10 more laps?” So I managed to get my scheduled 4 miles in. Girl Scouts was a lot of fun. The girls and the moms helped fill bags for Backpack for Kids, which delivers bags of nutritious foods to kids at the local schools. My daughter LOVED this and asked to come back and help another time.


Thursday, I had every intention of getting out the door for another run at the gym, but never made it.  Things just kept popping up around the house and I got overwhelmed.

Fridays, I never run the day before a long run day (Saturday).

Saturday, I was scheduled for 7 miles.  It was a beautiful, spring like day and I set out later than usual for my run.  The weather was beautiful, but the wind was BRUTAL!  I ended up only making 6 miles and that was a STRUGGLE!  My heart rate was up at the higher end most of my run due to the added wind in my hilly route.

Total for the week:  13 MILES  (not my best week, but better than nothing!)

So with that being said let’s get to the FUN part!  The WINNER of my exercise DVD GIVEAWAY is….


Be looking for an e-mail from me!

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