What to do??



So I’m sitting here at my desk, it’s almost 9 a.m. and my house is…dare I say it…..Q.U.I.E.T!  Both of my kids are STILL sleeping, my husband has gone to work and I’m without a babysitter until further notice and the electricity comes back on for them due to last night’s crazy storms.  What do I do with myself?!?!  I have enjoyed my cup of coffee.  Got the rest of my work done for the day that I didn’t get finished last night, oh what shall I do?!?!    I think I’m going to brain storm for my business.  I rarely have time to do this without my thoughts getting interrupted.   I can actually write them down AND remember them at a later date!  Incredible!!!  Usually all of my brain storming happens in my car, while I’m driving and don’t have a chance to write it down obviously for safety reasons.


Who is up to some brainstorming with me?!?!  Anyone???

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