When REAL Life Interrupts Plans

So all the highly productive and successful people say to “make lists.”  I got that down fo’ sho!  But what happens when that thing called Life throws a monkey wrench in your plans?  You keep on going and do the best that you can, that’s what!

So the last couple of weeks have been busy with work and preparing my daughter for her Rooster Day 5k Run here in Broken Arrow, OK while still prepping myself for my 3rd half marathon coming up June 7th all the while starting Focus T25.  I’ve dealt with a sick husband and a sick toddler.  Not fun, I must say!

As for the Rooster Day 5k with Sofie.  I was feeling iffy going into it.  She was determined to place in her age group, however all of her runs were hit or miss.  I just let it be as she is only 8 years old, but she can be so competitive at times, and as any parent you hate to see their heart-break.

In the car headed to the 5k, you could tell she was excited.  We hadn’t run since Tuesday before with all of her extracurricular activities and my work schedule just left me drained, but we were determined to have fun.  We were the “Pink Divas” after all (her name choice not mine!  HA!).

 2014-05-09 18.58.29

While we were in the small corral area waiting for the gun to go off.  She ran with this wand the whole time.  Lots of people were asking her if she had run before or if she was a runner.  I tell you this girl did NOT inherit her momma’s body!  She is long and lean with this mile long legs.  She puts on her running attire and she looks every bit of what most people in vision a runner to look like.  #jealousofherlegs My little brown-eyed beauty!  <3

2014-05-09 19.56.09

She may not have got her momma’s pale skin, or blue eyes, but she got every bit of my stubbornness and determination!  No wonder we butt heads on many occasions!  Pre-race photo!

2014-05-09 19.56.26

Post race picture!  Starting to get dark, so I apologize for the bad picture.  Super proud of her here.  She kept to herself the whole race.  Wouldn’t talk to me much.  Every time I looked at her to see how she was doing, she was in her “zone.”  She was focusing on her breathing.  I would ask her how she was doing and she would nod and tell me “good.”  She knew we had to push the pace if she wanted to pace, but I never told her how fast we were running compared to all of her training runs.  Every time we came up to another little girl or boy near her age, she would tell me we had to pass them.  This bolt of lightning came in 2nd place in her age group with 29:53.  Her and the first place girl were neck and neck the last 200 feet or so.  Super proud of her!  She is already asking when can we run again!  Hmm…sounds familiar…. 🙂

2014-05-09 20.33.04

Her with her very first medal!

2014-05-09 21.16.08

In between all of this and T25, I have been battling some health issues.  I won’t go into great detail, but will leave it as something only females will have to deal with.  But I have been having issues the last ~4-5 months.  First doctor I mentioned it too a couple of months of go, said it was no big deal, but this nagging thought in the back of my head told me to go see my primary care or my ob/gyn.  Well I went in last Thursday.  Got some blood drawn and examined and sent for further testing which I had today.  I’m not sure yet what any of it is, other than I “have something on my right ovary.”  So I had an ultrasound done today.  Granted she told me that in most cases that it’s a cyst, that still doesn’t eliminate the possibility of having to have surgery or more.  I’ve been trying to stay focused on my training and my family’s health and as always thinking positive.   I won’t say emotionally but I know mentally, my states have been all over the place between the positive mini talks and deep, inner focus.  Not sure how to describe it.  Lost in my thoughts and “zoned out” is the best way I can describe it.

As of right now, I know absolutely nothing other than even though I had a tubal ligation after having my son, I find myself now back on birth control pills trying to regulate hormones and decrease risk of cysts (if that is in fact what it is).  So if you find me quiet on here or on my Facebook page, this is most probably why.

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend with my 3 favorite people and yes I made sure to call my momma and even my mother in law to wish them Happy Mother’s Day as well.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers til we figure out what this is exactly.

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  1. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Running at eight, I was sitting on the couch stuffing my face at that age! Sorry to hear about your health, wishing you well and sending you positive healing vibes xoxo <3

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